Look of the Week: Uh-Oh

The Uh-Oh Look

We have had yet another one of *those* weeks.

The kind-of week where there is not any ONE particular *thing*, but a series of things that just make life feel a little like it’s got the upper hand.

If you are wondering why my sweet daughter’s face has make-up on it, it is because she was in her first ballet recital. She was a bridesmaid.

I am jealous of her sequins.

For the record, I have not entered her into the beauty pageant circuit.

Though, she is quite obsessed with America’s Got Talent and wants to do ballet in America’s Got Talent.

She showed me some of the moves she intends to incorporate into her audition.


I had to gently tell her that, while splits are very impressive, she needs to be able to do the splits like no one else can.

Howard Stern has turned away (kindly, I might add) very cute, adorable kids. With talent. But not super-talent. And I think he’s made the right call each time.

Howard Stern and I have so much in common.

How did I end up writing about Howard Stern?


Crazy week.

I am gearing up to bring you-all THE GREAT UNSPONSORED SUMMER ROAD TRIP OF 2012.

That’s my intention.

But who really knows.

Like I said… it’s been a week.

And it’s only Wednesday.

P.S. Here’s a picture of Kevin not looking at me. He’s mad at me. I can’t even win with the dog.



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One Response to “Look of the Week: Uh-Oh”

  1. Jo says:

    Dude….the kid…the dog…you’re killing me here!!! ;o) CUTENESS!!!!

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