Like gumbo, but not literally.

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So many things. If you are bored, you have come to the right place!

• If you would like to see my newest vlog (in which I share a story about a fairly AWFUL experience with a BUG)… I’m gonna have to beg you to click right on this cute little link here… You’ll still be here on JOtS, but it’s a special page… just for you this specific post.

You didn’t go?

It’s a vloooooooooogggggg…. There’s fear and abandonment in one fell vlog!

• It’s the last day to try to win this necklace:

Robyn Rhodes necklaceBut you need to click here and scoot on over to my review site!

• And one more day to win a pizza from Freschetta, and special Freschetta storage containers… here!

• Lastly… in case you missed it, you can view my latest installment over at iVillage. Along with a few other iVoices, I offer advice to William and Kate. Because I should be giving marriage advice to… anyone???

Honestly, I don’t care about the royal wedding. Shhhh, don’t tell iVillage. But I do care about giving advice. Actually, I mostly care about talking.

I will say, though… I think that Kate is a lovely young lady. And when Lucy (6) heard the words “Queen” and “princess” on the news the other day, she just about pee’d her pants.

“QUEEN?! … Mama?! …. PRINCESSSSS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I should mention, peeing her pants is actually not all that out of the ordinary. Especially if she is being tickled. Ticklers beware.


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