We are well into July and still, our Summer List is still list-less.

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Titles are so hard for me.

I digress.

My adorable friend Meg… made an adorable, cute, lovely, covetous Summer List. This one right here.

I. Know. COVET.

And I made this one:

list-less summer listIt is in process, schee *read it like I am a Mob Boss*…

I got a 30×40 canvas and painted it, ya’lls.

Now it’s on a wall in the house.

Yadda, yadda, la, la, la…

The kids got out of school the late-ish part of June. Then I hit ’em with a week of VBS, we hosted my huz’s company picnic, then the boy went to adventure camp while the girls did Ruby Camp (my friend Lisa, her 11 year old daughter… created a camp for her and my 2 girls and it was awesome! Cake pops and puppets… Lisa’s awesome, her daughter is awesome…)… I got my gum graft that week. And had another little BBQ at our place, then another…

P.S. Owie. 8 days since THE Horrible Gum Graft of 2011, and still – OWIE.

Now we are smack-dab in the middle of THIS week and today fly to Salt Lake City for the Evo Conference…  that is in Park City. At the Canyons Resort. Wwww-to-the-OW, baby!

I leave TODAY. *little bit-o-panic* Like, the flight flies in 45 min,,,

While there I will be having all kinds of great fun, and will be talking about Igniting One’s Inner Sparkle… and then talking vlogging with Kia of bodhibear.net and Lamar of Black and Married with Kids (such good people, no?!) in a 3 hour workshop on Friday. And another on Saturday… and then my parents will pick me up bright and shiny on Sunday morning and me and my mom and my dad and my 19 year old kid bro…

Me and mah kid bro

Chillin' with mah kid bro back in '09

(that’s my son photo-bombin’ the bro-sis bonding)

…and will drive 15 hours back to my house where we will all spend a week (how long are you guys staying, dad???) having fun and such in the PNW… down with some ladies for a 40th in S-Town… And then… then the kids have drama camp that next week. And me. My camp name is J-Bling. So.

Where was I?

Oh. The summer list. And the fact that it is currently list-less. And today is actually the first week-day since school let out that the kids have been able to sleep in.


Even without a list.

Go stinkin’ figure.

I’m still gonna finish that puppy. Le Summer List is on my list, by golly…

*winds up a good-solid fist*

In the mean-time… My wonderful mother-in-law is coming to help the huz in my absence. And all is right with the world.

And I am so excited to see my parents in a  few days – even with the impending 15 hour car drive. It’ll be like old times, but not. Because my brother is 19 years younger and we’ve never been on a road trip together. I’m gonna drive him CRAZY.

WE are going to drive my parents CRAZY.

Maybe we’ll text each other the whole time. Or we’ll make my  folks listen to Souja Boy the whole time. Or we’ll hit each other and whine, “MOOOOOOOOM!!!! HE’S LOOKING AT MEEEEE!”



P.S. I owe Lu, Stacey and Tiffany a song. Remember this post. The one I wrote when I was on drugs? I said I would write songs for the right guessers… and now I need to deliver. I am working on it. I have actually recorded a few pieces. And  no. Just no. I love us all too much.

Like this one. Oh golly. I could never do that to you.

Actually… I could.

P.S. Congrats to Katrina of Salt City Spice for her win of the glass coffee creamer pourer-thing!

P.P.S. I love you.



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