In Which My Husband is My Hero.

SNOW-mahgosh! La WA Niña has come to Western Washington!

And we Pacific Northwesterlies were NOT prepared.

My husband’s 3o minute trek home took 6 hours.

We are soooo Little House on the Prairie like that.

He waited for a bus that never showed.

The bridge was closed.

He walked 2 miles in snow.

In his Converse.

He hopped in a car with a stranger in hopes of making it to his fair family.

That traveled 1 foot per minute-ish.

That car gave into the elements.

Another walk and wait on the highway to wrangle another ride… a ride that eventually and graciously took him to the park and ride… where he scraped snow off his windshied with a small piece of wood…

All the while I plucked a chicken and churned my own butter. kept refreshing Facebook to keep up on the scoop – since we lost power.

In my defense, I did cook toaster waffles on my gas stovetop… and also sausage… so I was being a bit of a pioneer woman, now wasn’t I? *bats lashes*

stove top cooking

I digress…

At this point, my man had earned EVERY. REASON. to go straight home.

But not MY man.

My man stopped and picked up my box of veggies that gets delivered to a local business every other week.

He stopped and got my box of veggies.


Sexiest. Man. Ever.

When he walked in the door, I stood perplexed.


He was all, “YEAH. You’re a blogger and I knew it would give you something to write about.”

And I was all, “So if I wasn’t a blogger, you wouldn’t have gotten the veggie box?”

And he was all, “No. Way.”

Sexiest. Man. Alive.

And I used that gas stove top to make that sexy man an eggnog latte.

Who’s sexy now?

And he is alive. Thank good golly. It was a dangerous mess out there. I was concerned about his foot-scapades on the highway. Us Pacific Northwesties with our hills and, like TWO snowplows don’t do so well…


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13 Responses to “In Which My Husband is My Hero.”

  1. As one who whimpers when the power is out for mere minutes, and whines if the air conditioner doesn’t work, and right this very minute is a wee bit crabby because it feels cold in my house, I would like to also claim your husband as my hero. What a trooper! I can’t even imagine!!

  2. Andrea says:

    Such a stud-muffin!!! Converse make my feet hurt in normal condtions (did they really used to play BASKETBALL in them?) but to trek in the snow for hours!? wow!

  3. Michelle W. says:

    Really good post. And equally good husband!!
    We had a similar experience minus the converse, and the box of veggies.
    I am so thankful everyone is where they should be. Safe at home:)

  4. Caroline says:

    O.M.G. that video footage at the bottom had me and the girls FREAKING. OUT. Fiona begged me to assure her that the fire truck didn’t go careening down the hill like all the cars before it and take out said cars on its way down. Somebody should’ve stopped people at the corner! Holy hell!

    And yeah, wow, your hubby freakin’ ROCKS for picking up the veggies! Dayum! And you for cooking in the dark on your stove! LOL!

  5. stacey says:

    That video is wild! I would of freaked out!

  6. Kelly says:

    That is an awesome man. He may be almost as awesome as my hubby. 😉 I’m sorry it took him so dang long to get home, but I must admit it was fun to follow your adventures on Facebook. 🙂

  7. Rachael says:

    Dude – you husband is awesome! But what’s up with your drivers? I’m sitting back here in the SLC looking at how ya’ll drive in the snow and I’m dying. That snow is like a skiff to us! 😉 Are you guys more icey because of the humidity? I mean – I don’t want to mock you guys but I’m going to send you a few pics from my hood! 😀

  8. Rachael says:

    AND — This is hilarious! “He was all, “YEAH. You’re a blogger and I knew it would give you something to write about.”

  9. MommaDJane says:

    Awesome post, Jenny! The few times we get snow or winter weather here in TX it looks the same way. Of course we just get ice and mush, never much snow and no one knows how to drive in it so everyone just slides around. It’s always a huge mess. Wrecks everywhere, bridges shut down…

    Glad he got your veggies, what an amazing man! Also glad he is safe.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Jessica R. says:

    “You’re a blogger. Thought it would give you something to blog about.” LOVE THAT. We have our men trained so well. 😉

  11. Your hubby is awesome! Of course, he DID pick up that box of veggies so he could hear us all say it 100 times over.

    Our first snow forecast for the winter is for Friday. Even an inch sends everyone careening into panic here. They don’t HAVE snowplows in my neck of the woods, I don’t think. I will be making the kids walk to school in their wellies.

    Because, you know, they don’t do snowboots here, either.

    Ah feel your pain. Glad your power is back on!

  12. […] husband’s trip home from the Bainbridge ferry took 6 hours… He walked MILES in snow. We lost power for 40 hours. Our pipes froze, but recovered without incident… We hit a car. […]

  13. […] It was one year ago that the Seattle area was hit with what we “survivors” call, SNOWMAGEDDON 2010. I wrote about my husband’s harrowing 8 hour commute home here. […]

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