In Which My Husband is My Hero.

by | Nov 23, 2010 | General, The Hubs | 11 comments

SNOW-mahgosh! La WA Niña has come to Western Washington!

And we Pacific Northwesterlies were NOT prepared.

My husband’s 3o minute trek home took 6 hours.

We are soooo Little House on the Prairie like that.

He waited for a bus that never showed.

The bridge was closed.

He walked 2 miles in snow.

In his Converse.

He hopped in a car with a stranger in hopes of making it to his fair family.

That traveled 1 foot per minute-ish.

That car gave into the elements.

Another walk and wait on the highway to wrangle another ride… a ride that eventually and graciously took him to the park and ride… where he scraped snow off his windshied with a small piece of wood…

All the while I plucked a chicken and churned my own butter. kept refreshing Facebook to keep up on the scoop – since we lost power.

In my defense, I did cook toaster waffles on my gas stovetop… and also sausage… so I was being a bit of a pioneer woman, now wasn’t I? *bats lashes*

stove top cooking

I digress…

At this point, my man had earned EVERY. REASON. to go straight home.

But not MY man.

My man stopped and picked up my box of veggies that gets delivered to a local business every other week.

He stopped and got my box of veggies.


Sexiest. Man. Ever.

When he walked in the door, I stood perplexed.


He was all, “YEAH. You’re a blogger and I knew it would give you something to write about.”

And I was all, “So if I wasn’t a blogger, you wouldn’t have gotten the veggie box?”

And he was all, “No. Way.”

Sexiest. Man. Alive.

And I used that gas stove top to make that sexy man an eggnog latte.

Who’s sexy now?

And he is alive. Thank good golly. It was a dangerous mess out there. I was concerned about his foot-scapades on the highway. Us Pacific Northwesties with our hills and, like TWO snowplows don’t do so well…


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