In Which I Called 911

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You ever have one of those days?

In Which I Called 911

One of those days where you lose your kid at the local *insert your local Festival Name here* and have to call 911 because you couldn’t find your 5 year old?

That happened to us on Saturday.

There we were, at the local waterfront park, minding our own business with 1000 other people. The kids played on the huge anchor…

anchor at the waterfront park

…while my husband and I looked on. While the 3 kids played, I decided to lay in the grass in front of the anchor-turned-playset while my hubs got my permission to step closer to the gazebo so he could get a better look at the band playing.

It all happened so fast!

Somewhere between both my husband and I being *right there* to me moving 5 feet, but keeping just as close… Lucy disappeared.

Full. On. Gone.


As soon as Paul made it to his closer spot by the gazebo, I screamed, “PAULWHERE’SLUCY??!!! Where’s Lucy? Where’s Lucy? I can’t find LUCY!!!”

My stomach was on the ground and I felt very weak…

We guessed one spot she might have wandered, but she was not there. I think 2 minutes passed from the time I couldn’t find her… and I called 911… I’d rather look stupid and be over-reacting than be stupid and regret not acting fast enough.

911: What’s your emergency?

Me: I can’t find my daughter. I am at the waterfront park *details, details* and WE CAN’T FIND MY 5 YEAR OLD!

Paul was covering ground to find her. I stood there – hoping she was right there somewhere… while on the phone with 911 and my other 2 kids.

Nope. Only one.

Suddenly, I couldn’t find my oldest.

Apparently, Joel, my 10 year old, FREAKED OUT and ran to find Lucy as well.

911: So you are at *insert location here*

Me: Yes, but now my son is gone too!

Within moments or a minute (I have no idea) he came charging back, ” I found her! I found her! I found Lucy!!!!”

I told 911 both kids were found and I followed my son through the crowd.

Did I mention the name of the festival happening in my Fauxwegian town? Viking Fest.


See? Not. Kidding.

We wandered into the Viking Village, where a Viking (I am not kidding) who I had been chatting with earlier (this is what I do) remembered me (I am unforgettable) and told me, “She was just here with 2 women. They took her to look for you.”


His reply, The are girls from our village… I know them.

Shall I distill? My daughter wandered into the Viking Village and 2 Viking girls took her in… to help her find her clan.

We are part of a local children’s theater group (KCMT) and A BUNCH of the kids were at the festival. A couple of the teens from the group found Lucy with the 2 Vikings. They laid claim to my girl said, “That’s OUR Lucy!”

“Our” Lucy.


We were soon all reunited … by the time I came along Lucy was in the arms of her daddy, surrounded by a great number of our much adored KCMT clan…



I dropped the safety ball.

Lucy, and the other 2 now know to stay put if we get separated. I often dress the kids in bright colors when I know we will be in large crowds… but what if we do get separated? Lucy wasn’t taken. Praise and glory. She simply went to look for us, and that turned out to be a huge problem.

I spoke with friends who said they have code words and other practices in place for safety. My question for you — what are some rules or practices you have with your kids to help prevent situations like I described above or any other possible scenarios? I’d love to hear tips, ideas, recommendations… not just for my benefit, but also for those that may read your own comment.


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