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So this past week has been a bit of an emotional doozie.

So much so, in the wake of it (eeeeearly this morning), I found myself consulting Dr. Google for some “inside voice” issues and if one took medical diagnosis from Dr. Google, one might deduce a certain girl on the spot might have a strong bipolar leaning.


SO. In an effort to shift focus… here are some things I happened upon whilst navigating our fair interwebz that either brought me inspiration, laughter… and one that made me cry for all it’s sweetness…

First, inspiration…

My friend Lisa… champion of goodness and make-the-world-betterness… has taken the bull by the horns and has wrangled a team of co-good-doers… and we are bringing Finding Kind to Kitsap County in April! Have you heard of Finding Kind???


I was stalking the Instagram of Christine (Welcome to My Brain)… and I found Tiffani of freeplaylife! I stumbled upon her post challenging one to think about if one was a superhero, what would one’s props be.

Her props are a hula hoop, body glitter, converse striped knee socks and her camera.

I left her site inspired to simplify, to discover my inner superhero, and to join the cult of this thing called hooping.


The funny. I owe the first two to my friend Jenny. Jenny’s blog was/is one of the first blogs I ever met when I started blogging back practically before shoes were invented.

Flula. I love Flula.

And don’t miss his piece on Jennifer… the party pooper.

P.S. He is not talking about me. To be clear.


Cats. I am not a cat person. Nor a dog person. Nor a plant person. It’s amazing I have been able to feed and water children… But Cats. She intro duced me to a site called Sparkle Cat. I don’t know what it was, but… my chest hurt after spending 20 minutes with Sparkle: Award Winning Author, Supermodel, and Cat. Looks like he had lots of fun on St. Catricks Day.


Speaking of cats…

Did you know you can buy a cat spirit?

That’s funny to me…



Fitness. Stefanie from over there at Baby on Bored shared a video on working out at home.


For inspiration… or just something to make your uterus ache a little. Almost makes me want to have the hubs get a reversal just so I can be a copy can. Oh. SWEET. MERCY…


And lastly a picture. Of Lucy.

I know I post a lot of her here. Much less of the other two. It would seem I adore her more, but that is an incorrect assumption. She love ME more. If my other 2 loved ME more… I’d be able to get more pictures of them. Something about not wanting their lives all over the internet or something RIDICULOUS…

So. A picture of Lucy that made me want to grab the sun and make it stay right where it’s at. I could live here, with this girl just like this forever…

I love Lucy

I hope you have wonderful, inspired… laughter filled weekend 🙂

Peace and sparkles,



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