I’m gonna keep it real all up in here…

LAST WEEK… I went outside in my socks.


I’m gonna be even real-er… IT WASN’T MY FIRST TIME! I am a repeat offender.

Also… I wore this to the bus stop AND to school drop-off on Thursday:

pajama mama

And when I wake-up, the left side of my hair does this… this morning she was more well-behaved than usual:

a wild hair

So if I ever tell you I have a wild hair(s) YOU’LL BELIEVE ME.

And as if wearing my socks outside wasn’t enough, you know what I found on my kitchen counter Thursday morning???

Shoes on the counter



What’s next, JENNY??? Running with scissors???

Talking with my mouth full???

I can’t explain why that happened and you better believe I put myself in timeout. With a cup of coffee.

And then there are the children…

I was gone Wednesday night. So dad was on watch… OR WAS HE?

Actually, he had some important rockin’ out to do in the garage, so it seems while I was galavanting in Seattle in cute red shoes and a polka dot dress…

red shoes and polka dots

…daddy was working on rockin’ tunes with the mens in the garage.

And the kids???

I have it on good authority (Lucy) that the reason I found pieces of hot pink duct tape strewn about my bedroom Thursday morning was because… … .. … the girls kidnapped their big brother and put him in the closet.

But I am not all about my little red shoes. I also wear Converse.

Mismatched Converse

I wish I could say I left my home wearing mismatched Converse because I got dressed in the dark.


I figure since one was camouflage, no one noticed?


Lastly, the hubs built me a couple garden boxes for Mother’s Day… and an animal hath stolen some of my joy. And also some sugar snap pea seeds.

Blasted *insert bad words here* unknown animal!

a garden intruder

But the weekend is at hand… and it is Viking Fest weekend! You know what that means – VIKING VILLAGE and people with horned hats and fuzzy clothes and lots of unkept hair!!!! Oh what fun pictures I’ll get to share next week!!!


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6 Responses to “I’m gonna keep it real all up in here…”

  1. Dumblond says:

    Must have been some night, leaving shoes on kitchen counters and whatnot…
    I am going to Viking Fest for the FIRST TIME EVAH this year! BOTH of my kids will be in the parade. I need to make sure all my cameras are charged up! See you there!

  2. Duct taped in the closet? *hides screen from Maddie*
    Can I also say that I love the fact that you have pink duct tape?

    All these things that I miss out on living in the old country….

  3. Jo says:

    You are just all kinds of ROCKSTAR Jenny!! *Chucks the DEUCES* Rock on with your bad self!! Rock on!!!

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