If I put it on the internet it means I’m committed: I’m homeschooling, yo.

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It’s official.

I’m homeschooling Lucy.

I haven’t mentioned it here because for the last month (+) I was caught in the vortex of a terrible administrative process with my inital homeschool curriculum choice. Though I have mentioned the intent in my personal Facebook space and to IRL friends here and there.

It’s not been a secret, it just hasn’t been an easy decision to make.

I guess I didn’t feel comfortable really putting it out there/here until today.

Our first day.

Though the choice has been hard… often feeling like a salmon swimming upstream…I really do feel the right decision has been made.

Don’t salmon swim upstream and die?

I digress…

I am thankful the work I do is based at home, and my husband and mother-in-law are great supports as we consider times I need to travel for business. If I had to work out-of-home I would not be able to make this choice.

I recognize the blessing in being able to invite chaos.

I am so messed up.

For the record, Lucy is completely on board. She is excited. She is eager. She loves learning. My concern is not that she will be difficult to motivate, but that she is a distracted little thing. She can’t even focus and sit through an entire meal.

Honestly, I feel terribly overwhelmed.

And excited.

Aaaaaand a touch completely freaked out.

Did you know I did this about 6 years ago when my son was in first grade? It will be easier this time because when I taught Joel, little Lucy was 1 and I can’t tell you you how crazy faced it was to try to teach a 1st grader with a one year-old crawling on the table… scattering papers and all kinds of other fun things.

That was the year all my furniture  and select walls got decorated with black Sharpie.

Thanks Lucy.

BUT… it was just the time Joel needed to help him get solid footing. Homeschooling is not new to me. I think that’s why the decision has been especially, carefully, and fretfully made.

I know the work.

I’m not afraid of work.

I don’t LIKE work.

Any work, really.



Yet, I am convinced this is the right decision. And if it’s the right decision, it will all come together.

This is the note Lucy gave to her class on Friday…

So long class... via @jennyonthespot
Very bittersweet.

She came home after school on Friday loaded with notes from classmates as well… “I will miss you!”… “You were a good friend!”… “Have fun!”

But my favorite was, “I hope you never die!”

Though I don’t anticipate this becoming a homeschool blog… I’m sure the topic will come up. I anticipate those posts will be mostly weeping and gnashing of teeth and tearing of clothes and head::desk moments… or bragging.


I must away. Lucy has a writing assignment I need to give her and then we are going to do a video together. Because that’s how a vlogger makes homeschooling work, right?

When life hands you lemons, be all – LEMONS?! I LOVE LEMONS!!!


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