I have lost 7.5 pounds in the last month.

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Actually… not so much.

I kicked those babies to the curb. For now, at least. Sure, I don’t know where they went, but I didn’t “lose” them either. Losing is unintentional… I didn’t wake up one morning to find them suddenly not there.

Not that I am at my goal weight. Not that I even know what that is. I just know I want to lose more. I always have.

I mean ALWAYS. Since 2nd grade. Why?

1) I love food, especially in social situations.

2) Toddlers have special blankets… I have food.

3) Though I am not big boned (seriously, I have wrists the size of a child)… I know I come from a strong people. I probably came from a line of women who needed muscles to haul dead cows up hills and such. In other words, I am physically capable… and there is nothing “skinny” about ample muscleage. And padding around said muscles….my people probably came from Antarctica.

4) Only water and Coke Zero have no calories. My problem — see #1 – social situations = especially delightful and high calorie beverages. Before I was 21, I would hit the local quick mart with my pallies for a daily thirsty-two oncer of soda…

Why do I share this?

I don’t know. I still want/need to lose more. In fact, I was hoping to have lost 10 by now. But Easter…


Truthfully, and fearfully… in a matter of days it could all come back. And I know exactly what it would take for that to happen. It would be SO easy.

How have a reigned myself back in (this 7.5 lbs has been creeping in over the last year) this month?

Through the only method that has ever worked for me – counting calories.

Period. That and making sure I keep on exercising.

In this month I have (not even consistently… every single day) counted calories. What calorie counting does for me is reminds me of how many calories I could possibly be consuming when I eat without thinking. It retrains me to understanding what a reasonable portion is… for MY body.

For example, when I don’t measure, I will use MORE than an ounce of cheese on scrambled eggs as opposed to a half. A difference of 50-100 calories. 1 ounce of cheddar is 100 calories. A 1/2 ounce is 50.

1/2 ounce cheese

I measure the chocolate syrup I put in my mocha. That has cut at least 100 calories from each mocha I make. I use 6 oz of non-fat milk instead of 8. A difference of 20 calories. Um, you do know chocolate milk is an optimal post-workout recovery drink, right? You know I milk that! *pun intended*

It all adds up — 50 + 100 + 20 = 170 calories. Or more.

That’s, like 3 shots of vodka, people!!!

At dinner I add salad or an extra handful of raw veggies instead a bigger serving of spaghetti. A half a dinner roll instead of a whole one…

I don’t forbid anything… until I decide it is worth the trade.

1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter instead of a huge slather.

A sliced apple in the car to pick up the kids instead of a protein bar. 80 calories vs up to sometimes 300 calories depending on the bar.

hearty breakfastThis is my typical hearty breakfast, especially after a workout:

1/2 slice of high fiber bread – 55 calories

1/2 TBS peanut butter – 50 calories

1/2 c. fake eggs (decided to use these instead of real egss – saves 100 calories) – 60 calories

1/2 oz cheddar – 50 calories

zucchini, bell peppers… there are calories, but I don’t count veggie calories.

Mocha has 1 TBS chocolate syrup (50), 6 oz milk (70) – 120 calories

Total: 335

I end up full. And start my day right. I need that bread to help curb my cravings. I need the cheese, to give flavor. I could add salsa, but I don’t like salsa-d eggs. I make trades… to find food I like so I don’t end up losing my mind, and giving up.

When tracking well, I have generally kept my calories to 1600 these last 4 weeks. The days I don’t track, I am sure it is over that, but I keep portions in mind always. 1600 adds up fast, when making bad choices. Even when making good choices.

I never track veggie calories. That’s a gift I give to me.

I have chocolate everyday.

I know I could lose more. Lose it faster.


I know me. If I restrict too far, too much… my eyes roll to the back of my head… and a Crazed Fiend Devil of Gorging takes over. And I’ll be back to square one in no time. Or worse… not try at all. So yeah… I will choose a half a dinner roll. Bread is bad, unless that restriction is what will push you off the wagon.

Right now, I am retraining my mind. My stomach.

I don’t diet. Ever. I am teaching me. Again. I may not ever be able to eat more than 1800 calories on average to be able to maintain where I need to be. Therefore, I am not dieting… I am learning how I need to live. With food.

I have battled issues with food and weight since 2nd grade. I know me. I can’t keep temptations around. I’ve tried to be stronger and decide I am stronger that finishing off that row of Oreos. I talk to God. “God. I know I am stronger that those cookies, dude!”

Perhaps. But why choose to have that battle? I don’t often buy Oreos. It’s a gift to me. But when I do… I eat them. I love them.

This is not intended as advice for anyone. This is what works for me. When I start creeping up the scale… this is what I have to do. Works every time. That Miami diet? Wait SOUTH BEACH… not for me.

I can’t. Denying is my trigger for rebellion.

So I do this. It works. I am always making effort. It (food… weight) will always be an issue. Always. I have struggled too long for it not to be.

It is inconvenient to take the time to count and measure… to sometimes let my stomach tell me I am hungry (she just needs time to shrink, she is not really hungry… she has 1600 calories!)… but it is easier  and more natural than all the other things I have tried and failed at. Uultimately, this is my path… not to be skinny. Remember, I come from a Strong People… but to living a healthier life and to feeling better – not only physically, but emotionally.

And to wear cute jeans. That’s fun too.


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