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About my Lucy.



At the start of the summer she passed the swim test… simply by sheer will.

This last weekend she officially became a 2-wheelin’ kid.

2 wheelin'

Last week, she bought a Nerf gun from her big brother for $5 (he’s a wheeler-dealer these days) and shot herself in the eye.

ON the eye. Her eye was the eye, and the velcro bullet was the glaucoma test.

Today she asked me to move the car, “Can you move the car off the driveway? When I am on my bike I crash into it and am making scratches on it.”

She is my after-the-fact girl.

I was not able to move the garage doors, though… which she crashed into also – HARD.

Which turned out to be a good lesson for her in why helmets are important… and a good lesson for mom – the pain of crashing into garage doors is no where near the exhilarion of riding with 2 wheels.

She is driven. Unphased.


Seriously… to her, this is NOT eating in the living room:

not eating in the living room

I have great fear.

Yet great excitement when it comes to this young spawn of mine.

I am trying not to worry too much about the teen years just yet. Right now, we are still waiting for this almost first-grader to lose her first tooth.

Just like I’m not ready for her to grow up, yet I am crawling out of my skin with wonder… I don’t want my baby to lose her first tooth, but golly… I can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

She’s just that wonderful to me.


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