I Confess: I Talk to Me.

confessional It’s true.

I totes talk to myself.

Out loud.

Like, in public.

Or even not in public.

And honestly? I don’t know which is creepier.

Case-in-Point #1: Thursday evening at home… 5 minutes into my intent to go to sleep, my rememberer fired. “OMG DID YOU ADD THE HOMEPAGE TAGS FOR FRIDAY???!!!” (for the record, I thought that in ALL CAPS. But that’s another post).

Not that you have any idea what my thought meant (Tarrant, you do… Erin, you do – xoxo to you both!)… Aaaaanywho. It was 12:38 a.m. Since I live on West Coast time I have until 3 a.m. to complete my stuffsesses. And I really only needed 5 minutes… theory.

So. I SHOT out of bed. Left my glasses behind (because I am made out of all kinds of smart), and headed down the stairs in the dark, essentially blind, except for my keen sense of… or…

My quads were also really, really sore… Like REALLY sore…

To break it down: down the stairs + in the dark + blind + a serious gimp + panick = it’s amazing I didn’t ….

It has recently been called to my attention that I don’t finish my sentences. I don’t know what she is talking

P.S. I am afraid of the dark. Don’t tell my kids, but I do believe in boogey men.

Did I digress?

That’s strange. I don’t usually digr

Once I felt my way to my computer, I logged on… and started talking.

There I was. Standing in the glow of my laptop, blind, typing, and talking… TO ME.

OK, I put that there. Yes, that one. OK, c’mon… load, load, load… Copy… Paste… Yea. Whu. Why isn’t that working? Crap. O.K… It’s fine. finefinefinefine….

And so it goes.

Then I hear my husband yell from upstairs, Jenny? Are you on the phone?!!!

Yeah… well. NO.

Case-in-Point #2: The grocery store… making a decision about tortillas.

Tortillas… tortillas… Flour… flour… flour. Wow. Expensive… expensive… oh. Sale! Those are too big. Wait.

I don’t need flour, I need CORN. Corn, corn…. oh! CORN.

80? I don’t need 80 corn tortillas. Corn… corn… corn… AH! 30! 30 CORN TORTILLAS!

Looking back, I may have been part-wise channeling Count von Count? Or my inner old lady.

A quick glance away from the tortillas revealed somemanone may have been watching me. *tosses hair*

I was looking rather cute.. (IMHO)… like – I had make-up on and everything!

However, I don’t think it was about the shoes or colored tights.

And have I ever told you I often talk with my hands?

This is even when talking to myself.


Oh well…

Ooops. There I go. Talking to myself again. Apparently, I even do it online.


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8 Responses to “I Confess: I Talk to Me.”

  1. Bwahahaha!
    Well as long as you get stuff done while you talk to yourself…
    hilarious lady!

  2. frankly, some of the best conversations i have are with myself! i’m a brilliant conversationalist…..humble too! i asked myself and i said so! so there!

  3. I talk to myself. All the time.
    Partly because no one else here listens to me. Except the dog.

    And she only listens for so long, since she doesn’t know English and all that….so I have to throw in words like “treat” and “Cheese” to keep her interested.

    Take comfort that you aren’t alone…and yes, I use my hands when I talk, even to the dog. I’m Italian. Its genetic.

  4. BrassyDel says:

    My kid is just entering the toddler stage so I find that I don’t have a lot of “talking out loud” slips (yet) but I DO have a lot of “making silly sound effects WHEN THE BABY ISN’T PRESENT” slips. In public. Like at the pharmacy. #smoothmove

  5. Julie says:

    I tell the kids I talk to myself because I’m the only one who can understand myself completely 🙂

  6. Marinka says:

    It’s nice to talk to an intelligent person every once in a while.

  7. Dumblond says:

    Hahaha! I do that all the time…but I try to reign it in when I know other people are in the house. I do get strange looks when someone catches me in the car…I talk to myself alot when I’m in my car. It’s soothing…I don’t talk back or roll my eyes at myself!

  8. Tarrant says:

    I talk to myself too…not so much. I do make THINKING NOISES though but it sort of drives Denise crazy so I try not to do that either.

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