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Awhile back, I made a Twitter welcome video. But it was lame-saucy. And for awhile I tried DMing my wonderful new followers that video. Not auto-DMing, mind you.

I am not that kind-of girl. But I soon realized, it matters not if you are not auto-DMing or are… if you send a video or a link to something in a DM to someone you have not yet built a relationship/reply stream with… it can appear to be awfully spammy.

My intent was good. A vlogger giving a bit of a video hello to her Tweeps! So creative! SO fun! So inventive!


So. I made a new one. Not stellar, but new. Updated. I was in my car. I’m all “on the spot” like that.

But here’s the deal. This time I have included the link to the welcome on my Twitter profile page. I am not going to personally DM new friends. I am a changed woman.

I am learning… in this new world of online etiquette. I mentioned in my new video that if I am not following back – to please @ reply me. Does that motivate you to follow back on Twitter?

It’s hard to judge a Twitter profile by it’s profile page. And as new follows grow, it’s hard to take the time to decide who to follow back. I don’t use any auto-follow helps. Despite a growing community that can be hard to keep up with, I want to kind-of know who I am adding to the stream. Plus, I have a paper.li. The way I have mine set-up is all profiles I follow potentially may be featured in the paper.

*Note: I have no choosing who is featured in le Jenny On the Spot Daily – other than who I follow… The paper could be based on a defined follow-list (I’d have to create it), but I actually like seeing what “paper” is created from my overall follows. Time after time, I find that paper.li has culled an interesting overview together (and sometimes I discover a person to unfollow). I read my own paper! I follow almost 3,000 people on Twitter, and I do have lists to help me filter… private ones on Twitter, lists in Hootsuite, old ones on Tweetdeck… to help me stay connected with the critical folks. But with paper.li I rediscover “friends’ I have not @ed with recently or simply catch good tweets I may have missed.

And if one is not on Twitter 24 hours a day – it is 100% certain one will miss tweets. Good tweets and miss-worthy ones.

P.S. I am not on Twitter 24 hours a day. I sleep and drink coffee too.

I am all over the map here. *focus, Jenny, focus*

All that to say, if you are on Twitter and I have failed to follow you back – @reply! Also, don’t be creepy, don’t have a porny profile pic and there are key words that are “red flags” for me… or a constant stream of links to your won blog/site… And if I see those “red flag” words when glancing at your stream (I glance at 99.9 of them before following) I may even block.

OH and also, if I follow you and you DM back with, “Hey, go comment on my post and here’s my bit.ly and I am so glad we are BFFs!” I unfollow. Period. And I laugh as I am doing it.

We all have a little evil villain in us, no?

P.S. I am jennyonthespot on Instagram… Here’s an instagram…

happy flowersI had a few hard days. My friend Lisa hung these on the handle of my front door *swoon*. She’s @blozulfog on Twitter. She’s funny. And brings friends flowers.


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