How To Paint Acorns

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How to paint acorns? (If you are more into acorn-y treats, you have to check out THIS food craft!)

There were a bunch of acorns on the ground one day when I was out and about.

They reminded me of the time my friend gave me some felt ones she made.

felt acorns

My family was with me at the time so I said, “LOAD UP YOUR SHIRTS AND POCKETS. MAMA WANTS SOME ACORNS.”


And then I saw a video on YouTube on how some guy tried to make a felt bunny and there was blood everywhere and I thought, “Felting may not be the craft for me.”


You’ll want to cook your acorns for say, and hour at 200° to kill stuff that crawls and such.

Not related to that, and I don’t know why… but most of my nuts fell out of their caps.

You may take that as you will.

It was like putting together a puzzle, but between my 10 year old daughter and me, we paired up nuts and caps and glued many back together.

Once that was accomplished it was time to paint. Lucy was a fan of many colors…

Painted acorns via @jennyonthespot


Go gold or go home, y’all…

Painted acorns via @jennyonthespot


My tips for painting acorns:

1) Paint from the edge of the cap to the tip of the nut.

2) Apply 2 coats.

You don’t have to, but especially with the gold, I feel the second coat made all the difference.

Painted acorns via @jennyonthespot

Aren’t they just the cutest?


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