Hot Mess Peeves {Guest vlog by Lucrecer Braxton of Art Slam!}


Our relationship was love at first sight. Right, Lu? You walked into our hotel room and I looked at you like this:

Lu and Me at Blissdom

{photo credit: Angry Julie!}

That is my Lu standing there next to me, being all patient and tolerant.

Actually I think she had just pinched my butt.

Or not. But she totally has.


Without ever having met IRL, we shared a double bed. This is what bloggers do.

Or don’t. But that is was THESE 2 bloggers have done.

We also took pictures together. But not in bed. To be clear. I showed her a favorite iPhone photo app at a party…


Nothing like sharing iPhone apps and a bed… soul sisters.

And then we went to another conference and shared a bed again!


Oh, I am such a stinker!

Speaking of hot messes. Lu is guest vlogging here today… Hot Mess Peeves!

I sent her and email and was all, “Hey! Make me a video! Do your thing!” And as I sit and write this intro, I still have not seen the video… but I know… I. Know…

She is a force. She is hilarious. And I am tickled she has taken the time to craft a video for me… for US. Friends, without further adieu – Lu… my friend, my sister from anothah mistah…

Oh my gosh, she KILLS ME!!!

You can visit Lucrecer at Art Slam and follow her on Twitter – she is @lucrecerbraxton! Oh, and she made me a birthday video – here. Except it wasn’t my birthday, but now when I want it to be I just go listen to my birthday song from Lu. Now it can really be my birthday everyday!


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11 Responses to “Hot Mess Peeves {Guest vlog by Lucrecer Braxton of Art Slam!}”

  1. My pet peeves?
    People who boss me around and think they know it all. I mean honestly, you don’t neeed to boss me. I’m a grown girl, I can take care of myself very much.
    Oh and when strangers that are younger than me call me honey.
    What is up with that anyway?
    I’m not your honey or your sweetheart.
    I won’t say anything to them face to face I just groan inwardly and sigh.
    They are just trying to be nice after all right?
    Nice vlog Lu!
    I’m gonna find you on Twitter now!

  2. Lu says:

    Oh, you are just one of my favorite people of all time. No lie. Two videos for the price of one. Hell yeah!

  3. Michelle W says:

    I like you! Are you and Jenny sisters? You both crack me up.
    Hmmmmm. Pet Peeves? People that let their dogs run wild through the neighborhood. It makes me Craaaaaazzzzy. Around here, not many people leash their dogs, or keep them in their own yards.
    Anyhow…fabulous Vlog!

  4. Lucrecer,

    Hello! I enjoyed meeting you at Blissdom and this video is great! I wish I could voice all my pet peeves, but the list would be too long.

    Amen sister! I agree with all of your peeves, and that Wal*** store where they won’t even look up at me or say hello!

    And yes relationship has gone out the door. I will say hello or smile at someone in a store and they don’t even acknowledge. What is going on?

    Another random pet peeves of mine. People saying Expresso instead of Espresso. (I know kind of quirky, huh?)

    Thanks for the good laugh today! Hope to meet again sometime

    • Lu says:

      How ever did you know I was talking about THAT store. Hot damn mess with that many registers. Expresso…oh my goodness. I have to start paying attention to how people say that.

      It was great meeting you at Blissdom, too!

  5. Rebecca says:

    My number-one-make-me-want-to-choke-people-pet-peeve, without a doubt, is when a whole crew of people are trying to board an elevator and THE FIRST GUY ON pushes the button to his floor while people are still trying to get on. Makes me crazy! That’s usually the same polite fellow who never holds the door open behind him, so once you get to your floor he slams a door in your face. Grrr.

  6. […] love that my children are bold and adventurous. Speaking of vlogs, here is my latest one. It was a guest spot for Jenny on the Spot and I had a blast creating […]

  7. Jo says:

    Lu! I am with you guurl! Jenny is the bomb-diggidy, is she not!?!?!?! Mmhhmm…I know you know I’m right!! 😉 GOODNESS is right guurrl! People are sooooo rude these days the way they just ignore you, it’s like your invisible! I am a people person and people these days?!? ppsshhhh…. RUDE!

    One of my biggest peeves is when you are out and about and your waitress, or anyone really, is calling your boyfriend or husband ‘honey’ or ‘hon’ right in front of you and flirting with him. Makes me wanna slap someone…usually her!!!

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