Hot Mess Peeves {Guest vlog by Lucrecer Braxton of Art Slam!}

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Our relationship was love at first sight. Right, Lu? You walked into our hotel room and I looked at you like this:

Lu and Me at Blissdom

{photo credit: Angry Julie!}

That is my Lu standing there next to me, being all patient and tolerant.

Actually I think she had just pinched my butt.

Or not. But she totally has.


Without ever having met IRL, we shared a double bed. This is what bloggers do.

Or don’t. But that is was THESE 2 bloggers have done.

We also took pictures together. But not in bed. To be clear. I showed her a favorite iPhone photo app at a party…


Nothing like sharing iPhone apps and a bed… soul sisters.

And then we went to another conference and shared a bed again!


Oh, I am such a stinker!

Speaking of hot messes. Lu is guest vlogging here today… Hot Mess Peeves!

I sent her and email and was all, “Hey! Make me a video! Do your thing!” And as I sit and write this intro, I still have not seen the video… but I know… I. Know…

She is a force. She is hilarious. And I am tickled she has taken the time to craft a video for me… for US. Friends, without further adieu – Lu… my friend, my sister from anothah mistah…

Oh my gosh, she KILLS ME!!!

You can visit Lucrecer at Art Slam and follow her on Twitter – she is @lucrecerbraxton! Oh, and she made me a birthday video – here. Except it wasn’t my birthday, but now when I want it to be I just go listen to my birthday song from Lu. Now it can really be my birthday everyday!


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