My Kids are High Maintenance?

by | Jun 20, 2005 | Joel, Olivia, Parenting/Family | 6 comments

Someone recently said my kids are high-maintenance.

At first I brushed it off because it hurt my feelings and I thought it’d be best just to let it roll off. Then I decided to NOT let it hurt my feelings and just chalk it up as circumstances during a phase of life.

But I need to just admit it. It really did bother me and now I find myself analyzing this potentially complex tree of behavior – my children’s and my own as a parent.

Here are some things about my kids that some may perceive as “high-maintenance issues”:

Joel (almost 6) – He likes his chips in a bowl, fruit in a bowl, and for his food not to touch on his plate, unless he dips it himself. He doesn’t like his utensils to be sticky. He doesn’t like his hands dirty, or his socks all bunchy in his shoes (likewise). He is not attached to a particular cup or bowl, but he often wants the one his sister gets:) He knows what clothes he likes and does not like. He prefers sweat pants (me too). He talks – a lot. He talks – loud and with passion. He doesn’t like it when his food breaks (like a popsicle off it’s stick). He is used to and comfortable with the way mom and dad give him his medicine. He asks, “Why” a whole heck of a lot. He likes COLD water.

Olivia (3) – She also likes her chips in a bowl, or fruit, or any side item. When she is done with pieces of her meal (the rind, crust, etc…) she sets it on the table instead of leaving it on her plate – no trash on the plate, you see. She changes her clothes – A LOT. She still needs to be wiped after going potty. She spills something at every meal/snack, and she asks for food all the time – really. No, REALLY:) She likes to put on her own socks, shoes, and clothes. She likes to brush her own teeth . She talks all the time – really. No, REALLY. Really, truly, the girl has the gift of gab.

Together – they rough-house, snuggle, play with and provoke each other.

As I run through he list of the things that may categorize my kiddos as “high-maintenance” I must reflect on my parenting. Have I created demanding children? I believe the most truthful answer is probably (I let them have their chips and fruit in bowls!). However, many have said I am much too hard on myself. So…

I conclude, I can admit my kids may require some maintenance, and thus provoke some feelings of exasperation.

BUT… my kids are, well, kids!

They are 5 (almost 6) and 3. There are 2 of them. They are young – preschoolers. AND they both have pretty dynamic personalities. They are not quiet or mellow by nature.

Neither are their parents.

I guess when it comes down to it I feel my kids are regular ‘ol kids with their own set of funny personality quirks. They exhaust me. I’ve heard that the children of other parents exhaust them too. I’m pretty sure this is true and not a myth.

I am fairly positive I have regular precious, impossible, irresistible, snuggly, messy (Olivia), obsessive (Joel), lovable kids. They’re mine and I’m tickled that I get to be their mama.

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