Her two left feet… I mean SHOES.



Actually… Two left SHOES.

Before I became a mom I assumed I’d hit lows.

I just had no idea that a day would come where my husband would call up the stairs and say,

Hey Jenny? These shoes you want Lucy to wear… they’re both left feet.

In which case I find myself weighing my options… Lucy in a pretty holiday dress… wearing navy blue tennies with peace signs OR a pair of shiny(ish) black Mary Janes… that are both left shoes. I yell down…

Oh. Yeeeeeaaaaah. Uh…. Just have her wear the black ones. No one will notice.

Lest you forget, we’ve been known to wear one flip flop and one boot.

And when I write WE, I mean LUCY.

Oh, by the way… the 2 left shoes in question I discovered are not same size. One is a size 1 and the other  is a 13.5.

I was going to take a picture of my sweet girl in her different-sized, 2 left shoes… But I was ashamed. Somehow a written story is less pathetic-seeming when unaccompanied by a picture of a cute little girl oblivious to the 2 left shoes on her feet.

I don’t know why. I’m talking about my little girl who wears the cut-off legs of sweat pants on her feet and head…

she's not ashamed
And then begs me to take a picture.


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4 Responses to “Her two left feet… I mean SHOES.”

  1. what a silly girl… 🙂

  2. Hope says:

    Just yesterday while I was talking to my friend, her 14 yo son came home and announced that he and his friend had been playing some game I don’t know, in a stream, and the current had pulled off one of his shoes, and he couldn’t retrieve it.

    After just a beat, my friend said, Well you’re going to have to wear your penguin shoes.

    this is parenthood.

  3. Carrie says:

    Girls will be girls!!

    Reminds me of when my niece spent the night one night and brought her tennis shoes so she could “run” with me the next morning. Run meaning, nag-Aunt-Carrie-enough-so-she-takes-me-to-iHop-instead.

    Anyway. Her tennis shoes were identical. Except one was brand new and unworn, the other about 1 year old and dingey dirty.

    I swear my sister (her mom) is determined to send me over the edge.

    Here they are. I hope the link works…you’ll be thankful it was two CLEAN left shoes.


  4. Michelle W says:

    And you.
    Julia would be right there with her wearing two RIGHT shoes. AND sweat pant legs on her head.

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