Happy Day of the Turkey!

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Howdy friends!

Happy Day of the Turkey!

I am writing this the night before Thanksgiving.

I am also cooking.

I just updated my recipe for Yam Casserole (here) on the blog here because the recipe disappeared right out of the post! Imagine that!

Aaaaanynowhos… I am making that dish tonight. That way, I just need to heat it up tomorrow! I am also making the cranberry sauce, scalloped corn, and probably the mashed potatoes.


As I type this, the pilot light clicker-thing on my stove top is clicking away. If I use the front left burner, I am fine, but if I try to use any other – the stove top goes bananas with clicking. But it’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I NEED TO USE MORE THAN ONE BURNER.


I digress.

So. It’s Thanksgiving Day.

Everywhere else tomorrow is just another Thursday. The weeks leading up to today have been pretty full.

Like, after dinner on Thanksgiving Day, full.

My girls were in Elf Jr. the Musical, so we’ve been on the edge of Christmas mode since August. Except I’ve still not done any shopping.

Elf Jr. the Musical

But we have already decorated for Christmas. We were the second people at Lowes to buy a Christmas tree.

The high school football season also wrapped up in the last week or so…


A photo posted by Jenny Ingram (@jennyonthespot) on

The team made it to the play-offs, but didn’t make it ALL the way. There’s a long story about the team they finally lost to… a private school who gets to recruit their players… but imma move on…

We got family pictures taken! Which means I got Christmas cards ordered!

Family photo

Yay woo!

Wanna know a secret? 4 out of those 5 cups were empty. I brought back-up cups in case we didn’t have time to get coffee while racing against the setting of the sun. Lucy’s blood sugar started to tank mid-shoot (we were only out there 45 minutes) so I grabbed her  cookie and a vanilla steamer… and made the rest of the fam tough it out.

If I have learned anything I have learned this… LUCY MUST STAY FUELED. She eats more than most grown men these days… so she needs a steady stream of food. Otherwise she starts to implode and it can get ugly. Ugly doesn’t fly when you are taking family pictures for the first time in 4 years.

Oh, and the Monday Minute! It was LIVE this week on Facebook, so in case you missed it… here it is! I tend to do the MM live about once a month over there on the FB, so make sure you’re connected with me over there too!

Alrighty. I need to go mash some potatoes and rotate another load of laundry. The in-laws will be here soon and I am excited to dig into some chill time with them.

Happy Thanksgiving, US, friends! And Happy Last Thursday of November to the rest of y’all!

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