#GiftSmart This Season With Radio Shack!

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At a time when money and time is tight – a person has to be smart.

For example, I employ the “Go Right” approach to getting errands done. This means I try to avoid LEFT turns and make my errand list according to where I must go… choosing right turns over left where prudent.

There’s no time to waste!


There’s little that steals more time than long, red, left turn arrow.

And there’s no money to waste! We all have budgets to be mindful of, and as the kids get older the items on their lists become spendy-er.

So when thinking about gifting, it’s important to think smart.

Or as Radio Shcak likes to hashtag it: #GiftSmart.

*I have partnered with Radio Shack on this because I support smart gifting. All opinion and sharing of stories belong to me.

To me, #GiftSmart means winning in budget AND gift choice. For example, a bluetooth speaker. We just moved, and all our systems for enjoying music as a family in a common space has been stirred up. Thanks to this partnership with Radio Shack I have discovered the wonder of the BLUETOOTH (poratable!) SPEAKER! Our computer and phone speakers just… don’t do music justice. So it’s been so awesome to blast our favorite Christmas songs from this bad boy!

Auvio protable bluetooth speakerThis totally kicks the butt of putting our phones in a cup for better sound

And then there’s the Selfie Stick. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I am pretty good at selfie taking. However, even the most pro selfie taker can use some help.

Typical selfie is typical

Left: WITH selfie stick ….. Right: withOUT

Sometimes the people who have EVERYTHING… don’t have everything if they don’t have a selfie stick.

See how the selfie stick took the story from, “See my Christmas tree?” to… “PHOTO BOMB!”

Everyone needs a selfie stick… with digital bluetooth, of course.

Especially up-and-coming fashion bloggers (ahem…)

Selfie: WITH selfie stick & withoutHave you ever tried to participate in a What I Wore Wednesday? The picture on the right represents the arm-length selfie on a usual “What I Wore” photo. Effort and all… With a selfie stick, not only will your friends see what you wore, but they may get to see your dog, Kevin. And everyone loves to see Kevin.

It has been fun rediscovering Radio Shack. When I used to think of Radio Shack I thought of stuff only my husband would need… to hack his tech stuff. But as I have poked around I have discovered Radio Shack to be a great place to find something – for everyone. Competitive pricing, quality products, and a really great (and diverse) selection!

Thus – something for everyone.


They even have drones.


From bluetooth speakers for the whole family, to selfie sticks for the committed Instagrammer, to drones, to Hexbugs, to all the big-brand gaming stations, to earbuds and earphones, and MP3s… and even that stuff for the folks to like to tinker/DIY electronics-style… Radio Shack’s gift smart program is aptly named.

Even if you are gifting to yourself.

(We all know we do that too)

So tell me… when was the last time you explored Radio Shack? If it’s been awhile (as it had been for me), I recommend checking them out as you finish of your gift list. And if you get one of those drones, let’s plan a play date – cuz those guys are so cool!

Check out Radio Shack (they have a website, what?!) online, on Twitter, on Facebook, and even Instagram!

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