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Free printable habit tracker in the house!

Nothing says HURRY CLICK HERE NOW like the words “habit tracker”, right?

I am a a HUGE lover of lists, so to be honest… those words do evoke a bit of excitement in a person like me.

It’s entirely possible if you have landed on this post – you and I have a lot in common 😉

I keep a Bullet Journal (however intermittently) and though I do draw out things like calendars and lists, the idea of recreating a grid all-too-often kind-of kicks me in the time-efficiency gut. (For more bullet journal info, check out these sources on Pinterest)

Habit tracker for bullet journals

You do not have to keep a formal journal or bullet journal to use these free printable habit trackers. Use a hole punch and stick your trackers in a binder! The downloads are at the bottom of this post and there will be a couple of printing options for optimal usability.

Printable Daily Habit Tracker

What is the benefit of something like a daily or weekly habit tracker?

Well, it saves the effort of having to remember the same things over and over and over again. Of course, what we add to our trackers may vary greatly, but we can all benefit similarly… by staying on track.

How to use a habit tracker in a bullet journal

I started only using a daily tracker, but kept feeling a little organizationally bothered by things that only needed weekly attention… for example: washing bedding, tub scrubbing, plant watering… 

I am SUCH a compartmentalizer and I have no regrets.

Printable Weekly Habit Tracker

In the midst of this Coronovirus pandemic, there has been some conflict between two camps… SCHEDULE OUT ALL THE THINGS vs. CHILL OUT YOU CRAZY PLANNERS

Personally, I fall somewhere in between. If a tracker helps you thrive – DO IT. If a tracker leaves you feeling restricted and cranky… RUN! 

But, IMHO… as the organizer of my home, giving daily expectations to the crew, and being mindful of my own daily expectations help give a little structure to days that lack a strong backbone.

Of course, the tasks do not need to be all about chores and work… NOOOO. Fun tasks get neglected too… family reading time, game time, or making sure you don’t forget to jump on that trampoline or sit and have coffee with your beloved.


In fact, I think an argument could be made that perhaps we need to list these meaningful activities more than anything else! 

Without further ado… here are is the weekly printable habit tracker  and daily habit tracker I promised! Happy (habit) tracking and don’t neglect, in this time of crisis, to include plenty of fun and relief activities on your own personal tracker!

Daily Tracker – full page
Daily Tracker – 2 on a page
Weekly Tracker – 2 on a page
Weekly Tracker – 4 on a page
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Habit Tracker inside journal example

Peace and sparkles!


Habit Tracker for journals and tracking tasks

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