Bullet Journal (Bujo): Week-At-A-Glance Layout

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HI FRIENDS! BUJO IN THE HOUSE! I’m excited to share with you step-by-step instructions for my FAVORITE week-at-a-glance bullet journal layout. (You can find my monthly at-a-glance tutorial here)

If you are not familiar with a bullet journal, let me ‘splain it:

It is a journal, but the pages have a graph of light, tiny dots that allow a rigid, yet creative gal like me to not have to deal with hard lines, but gives me some structure.

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Some journals have lines, some have no lines… and neither of those styles are a great fit for me. I like the structure a bullet journal gives when I need to keep a mostly straight line, but I don’t feel bound creatively by the little dots that serve as a guide when I need them.

There are other things about the Bullet Journal (a.k.a. Bujo) that makes me love it. I guess I will have to create another post about all those pros and cons. It is not ONLY about those lightly printed dots.

But today’s post is about one of my MOST used layouts, my go-to week-at-a-glance to plan my week.

I LOVE a good week-at-a-glance. And even if the week is a hectic one, if I use fun colors, it doesn’t feel as daunting as a bunch of black pen marking up a space that was once blank and free…

Calendaring and journaling is definitely an emotional experience. The colors help make the emotion more positive.

In my bullet journal, I experiment with layouts. This specific week-at-a-glance is not my ONLY layout, but it’s one of my preferred layouts… and I wanted to share it with you!

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It’s a two page spread. I could never have one week on one journal page. Maybe for vacations… but then again, with the extra space you can make fun notes on what you did each day in the blank space!

The week-at-a-galnce layour doesn’t have to be about tasking!

On your two-page spread… count down 3 bullets from the top and make a line at the top all the way across the two pages.

Count in 9 bullets on the right and the left and draw a line down each side – this creates chunky side margins you can draw on or make lists or write yourself love notes 😉

From the top margin line, count down 13 bullets. Draw a line. From that line count another 13. You will then have 3 even sections.

I like to slice Saturday & Sunday in half. So count 10 bullets in on the lower right section.

Then you add the month, the dates, the days, and label your margins. Be sure to add some inspiration and doodle a little. Add lots of colors because colors are happy. 

So are trees… I mean that’s what Bob Ross says… “Happy trees…”

Here’s a graphic with the details laid out for ya…

I have assigned each member of the family a color so I don’t have to write down the activity AND a name. I just write down the time and activity in their assigned color! Each individual family member has a color, and activities that involve all or part of the family has its own color as well.

I use this color legend system on a big whiteboard monthly view calendar in a hallway near the kitchen too.

I am a visual person, so the color system works really well for me. Why? I know (and every one in the family knows) which color belongs to whom and not having to write names in addition to activities and times makes it much more of a “glance”-type experience.

Bonus: it makes a busy schedule look more fun than stressful *wink wink*.

Would you like to know about the tools I use? I am happy to share them with you… Note that these are all affiliate links, and they are all links to the specific tools I use and have purchased these exact items for my journaling: the Bullet JournalFlair pens, and White out correction tape! As far as items I use CONSTANTLY, but not seen in this video washi tape and a pen bag … I have this one by Bando, but it’s white and hot pink. It holds a dozen or so pens, my white out, and a couple rolls of washi tape. However… this pineapple pen pouch I just found is on my list of must-gets!

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What are your thoughts? Do you journal. Do you BULLET journal? If not, what is your preferred style. If so, share links to some of YOUR favorite layouts and bujo hacks! I have a Pinterest board all about journaling here if you want to check it out!

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