Free Association Post: It’s like therapy, sans therapist

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I find that when I am stressed (now)… making lists can be very helpful.

But you know me (do you know me?)… I work a lil’ bit different that many.

My lists don’t always consist of my to-dos nor my dreams… nor of the people I want to flick on the forehead… Well maybe the latter.

My best lists… the lists that fulfill me most are the lists I make while sitting firmly in the circle of the land called “Free Association”.

This method of list making does not empty my head of the endless tasks that sit on my shoulders… however… this form of list making help empty the voices that fill my head. It also keeps me from gossip.

  • I really want to gossip right now
  • I do not think highly of gossipness
  • I really want to gossip right now….

Madness Creativity comes at a price.

  1. My nose piercing. You know how turkeys (the ones we eat on Thanksgiving) come with those little “I’m DONE!” buttons? {pop-up timer} I think my nose stud works a lot like a turkey button. The more exhausted and tired and “done” I am – the more it wants to pop out.
  2. I have been referring to my nose piercing as my own little pop-up timer.
  3. As I was typing that first sentence, I wasn’t sure how to make the word turkey plural…
  4. Praise glory for auto spell check. T-u-r-k-e-y-s… NOT t-u-r-k-i-e-s.
  5. Rice cookers are totally rad.
  6. Not for turkeys… but for rice. To be clear.
  7. I was going to drink 64 oz of water today… I think I am at 16 (it’s almost 6 p.m. and this typing).
  8. When people ask me what I do, I never know what to say… “I write about… ME!”
  9. I feel so empty.
  10. But not empty enough, so I will list on…
  11. I am coming up on the last year of being under 40 and to be honest I am not a huge fan of all this “aging” and whathaveyou.
  12. My internal energy does not match my external ability.
  13. I have never felt more like a frustrated 4 year old. I WANT to do, do do!!! But “NO! No! No!”
  14. Sleep… I have never longer for her more.
  15. Fame? Fortune?… NO! I want SLEEP!
  16. Each time my schedule gets knocked around, I measure it in terms of sleep. “Well, that’s 30 minutes less sleep, that’s 45…”
  17. Iiiiiiiiiii’m bored.
  18. The voices are bored too.
  19. Cool.
  20. Time for a picture!

Planking - I did it. Ish.

So. I went to see Duran Duran recently. And we had a little tailgate party in the Seattle Lighting Parking lot across from the Everett-whatever-it’s-called-place-where-they-hold-concerts-and-such before the concert. I. Know!

Yes. That is a “glass” of wine in my hand. Actually it is a plastic of wine (thank you Jackie!!!). My new friend Gabe and I decided it’d be super cool to plank on a parking curb.

*hides eyes*

I do not have the core strength for this… this “planking” all the young people are doing. Nor does my friend Gabe. So, I had to crop the picture because Gabe and I look less like we are planking on a curb and a lot more like something no one wants to see.

So unfortunate.

We really are rather cute in our pre-concert excitement.

I disappoint myself. I always imagined I could be a poster-mother for excellent planking.


Speaking of PLANKING… My son came home and was all, “MOM. CONING. It’s the new planking!” So off to YouTube we went…

Oh, and don’t forget UNICONING. Upon hearing about uniconing Lucy added… “I LOVE UNICORNS!!!”

Here you go: Uniconing.

Ahhh… therapy.


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