For Winning

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Who doesn’t like to win?


Unless it’s winning a contest for being the ugliest.

Or winning a contest for being stinky.

*Speaking of stink, parents… have you seen my post about Don’t Fret the Sweat? There’s video!!!

I suppose we can’t forget Charlie Sheen.

His winning is not so much winning either.

But I am not talking about “Charlie Sheen winning”… I am talking about “Of the Awesome winning” from Jenny On the Spot and her/my sponsors!

This week Stacey won the book Super Blake and the Cavity Monster.

Yep. She did!

But who will win a Woogie??? Enter here (ends April 24th).

woogieWho will win the  Robyn Rhodes Mom necklace valued at a cool $110-120? Enter here (ends April 26th).

Mom necklaceWho will win some a Freschetta pizza and 3 storage containers? Enter here (ends April 27th).





Well, I am not a fortune teller and I am pretty sure neither Charlie nor his “goddesses” (eeeww, gag) read my site… but I do have my calendar right here and these giveaways are closing in the next several days. So if YOU want possible WIN in your life… I suggest you head over to my review site!

P.S. Peace, sparkles and WIN!!!


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