Duran Duran, Diaper Drive, Dallas and BlogWorld Expo BABY!

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I am not trying to brag here.

Who am I kidding – YES I AM!


I have a very special connection with Duran Duran. Simon LeBon and I share the same birthday.

But he’s older. Just to clarify.

Do you remember the 20th anniversary of my 16th birthday?

Happy birthday to me and Simon LeBon

I shared my cake with him. And even made sure he was kind-of at the party with me:

That's Simon



In other news – about me… (Um, this IS JENNY on the spot)… The morning after the concert, I am holding another diaper drive. I am committed like that. Did I tell you that we received 984 diapers and $260 last week?

diapers from last week's drive!

I am so excited to see what comes in this Saturday! I am so excited for our local babies!!! Operation Day of Hope – here come diapers!!!

I had already planned the diaper drive WEEEEEEEKS ago, then my friend Lisa was all, “DURAN DURAN!” And I was all, “But… diaper drive… next day… tired… busy… irresponsible…” Lisa was all, “DURAN DURAN!” And I was all, “You are totally right.”


The morning after the diaper drive (SUNDAY, ya’ll!) I have to get up with the burglars and head on over to the airport so I can catch a flight to Dallas where I will be doing my Ignite Your Inner Sparkle presentation again.



You can find my first presentation on this topic: here. This time it will be for Southwest Airlines. I am not actually clear on the exact event (they said something about a microphone, and getting to choose my own theme music (Blow, Ke$ha) and NO NEED FOR QUESTIONS! I am there!)  I tweaked my original presentation a little for this event because I hear it’s more of a male audience. Despite this fact – I have made more body glitter to pass out and hope I will see lots of sparkly beards, like my friends here from Evo:

Sparkle beards!My heroes!!! Scott and Ben! GoooooooOOOOO SPARKLE BEARDS!!! Such “tough” guys…

I get back late Monday night… just in time to help 4th graders with their multiplication facts Tuesday morning. Good thing the teacher puts the answers on the back of those flashcards.

Whoa boy.


Do you want me to tell you about the auction I am emcee’ing on October 8th? Well, if you want to come – you can get ticket’s here and if you choose to come you will be helping a worthy cause – children’s musical theatre!!! FTW!!!


Looking further into the future… In November – watch out LA! BlogWorld LA!!! I’m comin’!

The Future of Social Media Marketing Begins Here. Register Now!

Join me at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Los Angeles, Nov 3-5, 2011! Use code SPOT20 for your 20% discount!

This year, the Type-A Parent Conference is partnering with BlogWorld & New Media Expo to offer a BlogWorld parent blogger track! I will be joining my friend Clay (who I met at Type-A Parent 2010… for he was the dynamic moderator of a panel I hid behind the mic on)…

Clay Nichols and me

That’s Clay of DadLabs, yo!

Our session is titled, Breaking Into Parent Vlogging.

You don’t even know.

And neither do Clay and I at this point. We’ll be ready when the time comes. We promise. November is practically a year away. But only really a month, or 6 weeks.

I am not mathy.

You can see the entire Type-A track at Blog World Expo here.


I know this is a lot, and if you made it all the way down to here… OH MY GOSH HOW MUCH DO I LOVE YOU??? YOU, are so good at persevering! I think you deserve a cookie. Do you have a cookie nearby? Go get yourself a cookie.

That’s right.

Eat that cookie, you persevere-er you!


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