Dressing Room Adventures with a Preschooler

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I headed to a local running store today. I needed some supplies, and stumbled upon a “20% off all apparel” sale. Yay me!

Dressing Room Adventures with a Preschooler

I looked around at the deals whilst the Lucy just looked around at everything.

She spent quite a bit of time perusing the wall of “essersize shooooes”.

Lucy. She has a “thing” for shoes.

Meanwhile, I found a few goodies to try on.

If you had been standing outside my dressing room (it’s one of those rooms that is only a room with a partial door right off the “show room floor”), you would have heard this… after I had undressed down to my unmentionables:


Mortified Me, through angry teeth: “Shhhhhhh. Don’t say that so loud.”

Inside Mortified Me’s head: “Plastic surgery is such an option…”

Lucy: “Dat’s uh-gusting!”

Mortified Me, through clenched teeth: “Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shhhhhhhhhhh.”

Since the damage had been done, I decided to Call. Her. Out.

Mortified Me, flashing gang signs: “OK, so what’s so disgusting?”

Lucy: “Dat.”

Mortified Gangsta Me: “Whu?”

Lucy, pointing at my bruise: “DAT!”

Mortified Me, making sure to say it loud enough for the 4 men in the store to hear: “Oh… I know honey, that IS a REALLY BAD BRUISE. Mommy got that while break dancing, didn’t she…”

When I was young and naive and dreamed of my children… THOSE children adored me.

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