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My little girl is in dream land…

lucy sleeping

I remember those days.

When I was a little girl…

Young Jenny

I had dreams too.

Ice cream and roller skates.

The twirliest of skirts and far-away lands.

When puberty hit…

Pubescent Jenny

I dreamed of cute boys.


Acid wash and jeans with zippers at the ankles.

And kissing cute boys… including but not limited to Jonathan Knight.

Johnny Depp.


Now that I am grown… and MARRIED…

I still dream.

The other night I dreamed…

Not of fame.

Nor coffee.

Nor the absence of stretch marks.

Nor of NKOTB.

Nor was the dream full of quiet.

I dreamed…

I dreamed…

I dreamed I had a housekeeper.

And then…

I woke up.

Nope. No housekeeper.My… how times have changed.


**I shared about Love Drop a few days ago. At that point $5,100 had been raised toward their $13,000 goal… to provide the placing and training of a service dog to a family with 2 severely autistic boys. At this writing, they are almost at $8000! If you have $1 or $5 to spare, pop by and add to the bucket. It’s our village… this online community is what will get that family the support they need. Or simply share the need with others…


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