DIY: How To Make A Fairy Garden!

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A little over a year ago I don’t think I had ever heard of a fairy garden.

Have you ever heard of a fairy garden?

DIY: How To Make A Fairy Garden

Lucy and I went to a class at a local nursery and made a fairy garden together, and we had such a sweet time!

And for the last year I have been wanting to tell you guys all about it, but you know how life is and stuff and now it’s a year later and our original fairy garden hath passed away and we finally made a new one!!!

What do you think?

Pretty neat-o right?

It’s Springtime, friends and if you are looking for a way to spend sweet time with your daughter (or son… BOYS CAN MAKE A FAIRY GARDEN TOO!)… I recommend making a fairy garden!


  • • A shallow container
  • • Soil
  • • Assorted small plants
  • • Assorted rocks and/or pebbles
  • • Miniature items to furnish/decorate your garden
  • • And of course…. A FAIRY!
  • (And maybe a gnome)

Lucy’s fairy is named Rosie. I like Rosie. She likes to party…

DIY: How To Make A Fairy Garden

We adopted (ok, we bought her) from a local nursery. I’d check out your locally-owned nurseries for such sweetness. The big home improvement/garden stores don’t seem to have fairies.

Budget: This is not a particularly inexpensive project (by inexpensive I mean $20 or less). But it really depends on the supplies you choose and where you choose to acquire them. Say, for example, if you have rocks in your yard… use the rocks from your yard… or pieces of bark, or perhaps you already have plants you can use!

Supplies I found online specifically for fairy gardens can add up, but on a visit to Michael’s I found some less spendy options that could be used for projects other than the fairy garden.

If you are all, “I WANT FAIRY THINGS JUST FOR FAIRIES!”, then I found my cutest things at Factory Direct Craft via internet search. They are not a sponsor, but I’d have let them had they asked. I can’t even tell you how much time we spent oohing and ahhing over our fairy garden furnishings options.

Our splurge was on the pendant flag swag and blue table and chairs for Rosie. Because sometimes that is just what has to happen.

a gnome in a fairy garden

We already had the gnome.

At first Lucy said the gnome was mean and that’s why there was a fence.

But only a few days ago the gnome and Rosie got married.

Here’s another reason why fairy gardens are fun… creative play. Our garden is not just for looking. So the design has changed even since this video. It’s so cute to listen and watch as Lucy gets lost in her little garden land of make believe.

DIY: How to Make a Fairy Garden

Do you or someone you know have a fairy garden? Have you ever made on before???

*I didn’t make this video all on my own! I want to give a solid shout-out to Mike Barnet, the creative mind behind I Heart Kitsap. You can find I Heart Kitsap on Facebook… send a little like-love, eh? You rock!

*Originally published March 2014

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