Dear Tooth Fairy: I Have Been Waiting a Very Long Time

by | Feb 6, 2009 | Olivia, Parenting/Family | 14 comments

I am thinking I may have enough material to make this a regular feature. *sigh* 

Dear Tooth Fairy, I have been waiting a very long time.

Here’s the skinny. My 6 year old daughter, Olivia lost a tooth last Saturday. As of last night (Thursday), the Tooth Fairy still hadn’t paid up. I explained her absence,

Oh… I guess there have been LOTS of kids losing their teeth these last few days. Poor Tooth Fairy, she must be sooooooo busy…

My children already know that the Tooth Fairy only has wings and no sled (like Santa)… so that fact alone helps them accept the fact she can’t get everywhere in ONE night. But 5 nights… a little girl can start feeling dissed! 

On Tuesday evening, Olivia had to go to urgent care to have an abcess drained. Ick. When the Tooth Fairy forgot that night (as well as the following night) I told her the Tooth Fairy was worried about hurting her arm. Could I go to Hell for this level of lying? I think this might buy me a ticket to Pit of Fire.

My daughter, being the problem solver that she is made a suggestion:

Can I leave it at my bedroom door?

And that is what she did. She left her tooth at the door of her room, just outside in the hall. She did not just leave her tooth, she also left this note:


Our Tooth Fairy SUCKS.

You want to know something HORRIBLE… She almost forgot again!!!

(I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and somehow remembered. I popped up and said to my husband, “WEREYOUTHETOOTHFAIRYLASTNIGHT??? BECAUSEIWASNTTHETOOTHFAIRYLASTNIGHT!!!” )

We should go to a class… say, “Parenting 101: Sustaining the Myth(s)/Sustaining Your Child’s Self-Value”.

I hopped out of bed like it was on fire. I scurried to my wallet and was SO relieved I had a 5 dollar bill, cuz, yeah – she earned a 5 spot! I was able to jot a note saying, “Thank you for your patience. You are a good girl, Olivia. I am sorry I took so long.”

I am so ashamed. And also relieved. Also, this is not the first time we’ve had issues with the Tooth Fairy.


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