Confession: My sparkly water addiction

I love sparkling water.

Perrier, San Pellegrino… sparkle, sparkle!

But living here in the PNW (Pacific NorthWET), we have Talking Rain.

And I am so much a sparkling water lover that, well… one might call me a sommelier of sparkling water:

  • San Pellegrino has super tiny bubbles…
  • Perrier bubbles are a bit bigger…
  • Talking Rain … ahhhh… the bubbliest of bubbles.

Unrelated: Talking Rain people, we could make beautiful music together.

I digress…

So when 2 liter bottles of Talking Rain go on sale… I get a little crazy:

Sparkling water. YES.


The good news:

  • There are no calories.
  • Nor alcohol.
  • No fake sugar either.
  • It’s water.
  • It’s on sale.
The problem:
  • It’s not free
  • The “sparkly” feature of this beverage is probably eating away at my tooth enamel.
  • I’m addicted.
  • I have to force myself to have regular water… TAP water.
  • Tap water is so… BORING.

I do not care for water that is not sparkly. Which is a bit problematic since tap water is, like, FREE.

I just want sparkle on my skin, and sparkle in my belly.


You know what? I think I will write an ode to sparkly water in Haiku…

YOU sparkly water
Only YOU sparkly water
And also coffee.
Do you like sparkly water? Don’t tell me if you don’t. Let’s not ruin what we have. If you don’t like sparkly water… just lie to me.
Just lie to me…


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21 Responses to “Confession: My sparkly water addiction”

  1. Diana says:

    I LOVE Sparkly water. It’s so versatile. By itself, mixed with fruit juice (don’t start that it’s super addicting)…. it’s just fabulous.

  2. Barbara says:

    I’m a huge sparkling water fan. Never heard of Talking Rain but could drink Perrier exclusively if it wasn’t $1 a bottle. I got hooked when I gave up my Diet Pepsi habit. I need bubbles!

  3. Lauren says:

    Fellow addict here!! Ah, sparkling water…it’s all I drink. BUT, I just got a Sodastream so now I make my own…so it’s close to FREE! I highly recommend it. Your life will never be the same – in the best of ways! 🙂–P149.aspx

  4. I love love love sparkly water! Trader Joe’s has 4 packs of 16 oz bottles for $1.87. Cheap! And it doesn’t get a chance to go flat. Don’t the 2L bottles get flat before you drink them? Also, hubby likes to mix ginger ale and sparkly water together and it’s really refreshing. We call it the National Drink of Dan. Or just a National, for short. Also, when I’m trying to cut down on beer, I find sparkly water to be a great alternative.
    So my question is this, is it as good for you as regular water?
    Can you tell I too, love the sparkly water.

    • The 2L don’t get flat on account of the fact I drink ’em up so dern fast! And I will have to make myself a National Drink of Dan sometime…

      Also… I really do not care for regular water. I have to make me 🙂

  5. Nanette says:

    I love me some sparkling water, too! Where is that particular brand sold? Intrigued!

  6. Kerry says:

    Love it! I’m totally Lying! But I still love you! Sparkle Sparkle xx

  7. jubilee says:

    All the sparkly water ’round these here parts have loads of aspartame. Can’t stand aspartame. Maybe I should widen my shopping circle and branch out from WM?!

  8. Joanna Sprik says:

    Does it has phosphoric acid? I was just told by my doctor I need to stop drinking soda because the phosphoric acid in it depleats a womans calcium and ‘a woman of my age needs to store all the calcium she can from now on’. *insert eye rolling here* I have never heard of that anyway, so I doubt I can get it here in Michigan. =(

    • I looked on the label… I don’t see that on/in there… just “carbonated from Artesian spring”. I have no idea what that means! I just LOVE it! But I have hear that… something about bones and such. Maybe it’s a soda-thing?

  9. Karri says:

    I love me some bubbly water. Mnnnnn… Especially in summer. Toss in some crushed ice and a lime. Or some fresh mint. Its like a mocktail. Deeee-licious. And tonight I actually had someone mention the soda stream as a cheap way to make the sparkling water. Hrmmmm

  10. Moe says:

    My sparkly water addiction started when I was 8 years old, and my mom was stationed in Germany. Europeans love their water with “gas”….and love it too.

    Contrary to what people think ( and according to my dietitian aunt)..Sparkling/Mineral water does not damage enamel on teeth, nor does it deplete calcium. Soda depletes calcium because it contains phosphoric acid, but that is not a common ingredient in Sparkling water.

    BUT, you od have to watch out for sodium.

  11. Tarrant says:

    I love sparkly water…and I make my own. The Sodastream is my friend. Denise got it for me last Christmas and we still love it. (We being a subset of the girls and me.)

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