Cocktail Time: A Black Cow #2 Recipe!

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What on earth is a Black Cow #2?

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WONDERED… when I discovered there was a Black Cow Day. The first thing I thought of was black cows.

Like the kind that moo.

Black Cow #2 Recipe
But this recipe is not one for making those kinds of black cows. This kind involves Kahlua, cream, and root beer, y’all!

Apparently… a Black Cow is a root beer float.

Vanilla ice cream and root beer.

A brown cow (in case you were wondering) is a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream.

In my internet researching, I discovered there is an adult-beverage nod to the Black Cow. The Black Cow #2.

So one afternoon I tried one. And my first thought was… “THIS DOES NOT SUCK.”

So I gathered my video camera, a clean glass, and scooted toward a window with some light and made a quick recipe video sharing how to make this drink that does not suck.

Not only does it not suck. It is EASY. It’s a one part to one part to one part style drink. But if I’m being really honest… I will be adding TWO parts Kahlúa to my own drinks from here on out *winky face*

So. You need ice.
Ice: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Something with which to measure the liquids. I used a shot glass.

Shot glass: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Make sure you have Kahlúa…

Kahlúa: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Root beer (brand of your choice)…

Root beer: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

And some half & half…

Half & Half: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Add some ice to your glass and start pouring! Kahlúa…

Pour the Kahlúa into the glass: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Half & half…

Pour the half and half over the Kahlúa: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Root beer…

Root beer bubbles: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

I love the bubbles when the root beer hits the cream…

Pour the root beer over the cream and Kahlúa: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

You may want to give it a little stir. Unless you like a good punch at the finish…

Stir: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

And enjoy!

A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

If you like root beer floats… it is highly likely you will like this drink. Even if you don’t like root beer floats, you may STILL like this drink. How about Bourbon? Here’s a different Bourbon cocktail… featuring cherry cider – grab that recipe here!

I think next time… instead of half & half I might just use ice cream. What do you think?!!!

Looking for more cocktail recipe ideas? I got you!

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How to Make a Black Cow #2

Black Cow #2 recipe via @jennyonthespot

Black Cow #2 - A Kahlua Cocktail

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