Cocktail Time: A Black Cow #2!

If you caught this Monday Minute post… and made it near the end of that long-ish video you might be aware that June 10th is National Black Cow Day!

(How to Make a Black Cow #2)

Black Cow #2 recipe via @jennyonthespot

Apparently… a Black Cow is a root beer float.

Vanilla ice cream and root beer.

A brown cow (in case you were wondering) is a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream.

In my internet researching, I discovered there is an adult-beverage nod to the Black Cow. The Black Cow #2.

So one afternoon I tried one. And my first thought was… “THIS DOES NOT SUCK.”

So I gathered my video camera, a clean glass, and scooted toward a window with some light and made a quick recipe video sharing how to make this drink that does not suck.

Not only does it not suck. It is EASY. It’s a one part to one part to one part style drink. But if I’m being really honest… I will be adding TWO parts Kahlúa to my own drinks from here on out *winky face*

So. You need ice.
Ice: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Something with which to measure the liquids. I used a shot glass.

Shot glass: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Make sure you have Kahlúa…

Kahlúa: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Root beer (brand of your choice)…

Root beer: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

And some half & half…

Half & Half: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Add some ice to your glass and start pouring! Kahlúa…

Pour the Kahlúa into the glass: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Half & half…

Pour the half and half over the Kahlúa: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

Root beer…

Root beer bubbles: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

I love the bubbles when the root beer hits the cream…

Pour the root beer over the cream and Kahlúa: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

You may want to give it a little stir. Unless you like a good punch at the finish…

Stir: A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

And enjoy!

A Black Cow #2 via @jennyonthespot

If you like root beer floats… it is highly likely you will like this drink. Even if you don’t like root beer floats, you may STILL like this drink.

I think next time… instead of half & half I might just use ice cream. What do you think?!!!

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