How To Make A French 75

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Food & Drink, Video

One of my favorite-of-all-time mixed drinks is the French 75.

How to make a French 75

Hitherhencetofore this video: How To Make A French 75. It’s a sparkling wine mixed drink with gin and lemon and well…

I am fairly picky about my mixed drinks. There are few cocktails I truly love – I find the potential sweetness of most is unappealing. I like the french 75 because it’s light and bubbly, and really … if you are really opposed to sweetness you can totally cut out the simple syrup.

While this drink is especially great on those hot summer days/nights… I find I enjoy it any time of the year. I can’t really say that about hot chocolate. Though, I do love me a big mug of creamy hot cocoa.

Come to think of it, I think I love the French 75 so much because of the sparkle factor. Do you enjoy sparkling beverages (wine)? If so, do you have any mixed drinks that feature sparkling wine that you love?

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