Christmas Finds in August

I confess. It is August and I still have Christmas decorations up. However unintentional. Last year, when I was decorating for Christmas, I found a Christmas pillow – THAT WAS OUT ALL YEAR. The other day I was doing a hardcore cleaning because I was hosting a baby shower. This time I found a snowman and a hanging basket of greens and berries. I just can’t get my act together. But that’s what you love about me, right? Just say “yes”… please just say “yes”…

Am I alone? Am I the only one who does this?


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9 Responses to “Christmas Finds in August”

  1. Heather says:

    I still have an Easter decoration in the foyer. Like you, I thought, “Oh it’s still spring I’ll just leave that up for a bit.” It’s now August and every so often I look up, see it, & promptly move on. If I take it down, I’ll have to find something else to hang on the hook and that’s just too much effort.

  2. thenextmartha says:

    Wow. just wow. I guess I probably have dust from xmas but not any decor. I don’t think. Well YOU know how you just walk past that stuff until it becomes part of your home. Hilarious.

  3. Diana says:

    I never find Christmas decorations around the house in the middle of the year. Not because I’m the world best housekeeper, but because I’m too lazy to decorate for Christmas to begin with. Most years I give up on the tree halfway through and let the kids finish the rest. Or not.

  4. Michelle W. says:

    I think it is even funnier that NO ONE ELSE saw these things (IE: kids, husband, FRIENDS) either! LOL.

  5. Anke says:

    Hahaha – no, you are so not alone!! I don#t decorate a lot for Christmas at all, so you’d think it would be a breeze putting it all away, right? Wrong!
    Found a little glittery(!) star on the cactus (we got tons of those, so they get decorated, too) in like June, and then there was that really cute reindeer my niece had made that hung on our lamp over the dining table (read: we saw it multiple times every day!) that just recently made it into the drawer waiting for December…

    Keep it up, girl! 🙂

  6. […] Christmas Finds in August | Jenny On the Spot: Woman, mother … The other day I was doing a hardcore cleaning because I was hosting a baby shower. This time I found a snowman and a hanging basket of greens and berries. I just can't get my act together. But that's what you love about me, right? […]

  7. Shawn says:

    Thank you for the lovely read, even if it did take quite a long time to understand. (English is not my native language) May I ask where you get your sources from? Thanks! Shawn

  8. I do it too. I just don’t notice stuff like that after a while. The only reason I *know* I don’t have anything still up is because we moved to a different state. LOL

  9. Dumblond says:

    You are not alone. I still have Christmas cards out that I keep meaning to scan, winter houses that my kids put together as a craft and Christmas-y stuffed friends in need of repair.
    And I refuse to believe you only clean your home when you are expecting company! Because I do that and I choose to be alone in my self-loathing at my lack of home cleanliness.

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