Can I Snuggle You?

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Sponsored, The Love | 7 comments

My youngest. Oh how she loves to snuggle.


Passion of her heart.

When Lucy starts to spiral… when her behavior takes a turn for the worse… when she gets weepy or defiant or when stress rises across the whole family… I have to remind myself, “My girl needs to connect. She needs to be held. She needs me to play with her hair, tickle her toes, or just be still… holding, holding…”

“Can I snuggle you, Mama?”

Always, baby…


She is 5. An emergent reader. She LOVES to be read to. She LOVES to tell me what letters she sees. Reading is a great way to get our snuggling in. But letters and words are not just found in books. One evening, after a particularly chaotic day… Lucy and I laid on the couch and just snuggled.

Never one to be still too long, she took hold of my necklace…

my family

“Mama! I see my name!”

“Yes you do! What other letters do you see?”

As we read the letters on my necklace we connected them to the names of our family, and her smile grew and grew.

Her eyes got wide and she exploded, “That necklace means LOVE!”

Yep. In fact… it’s brave love


Then she added… “But what about Kevin?”

Our dog.

Oh Lucy…

*Thank you to my friend Lisa Leonard for the lovely necklace… an heirloom, and treasure… apparently not just my own treasure. I’m going to have to keep a close on on my Lucy…*


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