Can I Snuggle You?

My youngest. Oh how she loves to snuggle.


Passion of her heart.

When Lucy starts to spiral… when her behavior takes a turn for the worse… when she gets weepy or defiant or when stress rises across the whole family… I have to remind myself, “My girl needs to connect. She needs to be held. She needs me to play with her hair, tickle her toes, or just be still… holding, holding…”

“Can I snuggle you, Mama?”

Always, baby…


She is 5. An emergent reader. She LOVES to be read to. She LOVES to tell me what letters she sees. Reading is a great way to get our snuggling in. But letters and words are not just found in books. One evening, after a particularly chaotic day… Lucy and I laid on the couch and just snuggled.

Never one to be still too long, she took hold of my necklace…

my family

“Mama! I see my name!”

“Yes you do! What other letters do you see?”

As we read the letters on my necklace we connected them to the names of our family, and her smile grew and grew.

Her eyes got wide and she exploded, “That necklace means LOVE!”

Yep. In fact… it’s brave love


Then she added… “But what about Kevin?”

Our dog.

Oh Lucy…

*Thank you to my friend Lisa Leonard for the lovely necklace… an heirloom, and treasure… apparently not just my own treasure. I’m going to have to keep a close on on my Lucy…*


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7 Responses to “Can I Snuggle You?”

  1. Carina says:

    I’ve got one of those: must be held and snuggled regularly or will spoil.

    When I asked him what a family does he answered, “They snuggle.”

  2. I used to love snuggling with my mom too. Enjoy it!

  3. I think your Lucy and my Maddie would get on VERY well – they sound like two peas in a pod!

    Poor Pea comes home from school exhausted every night. It takes a cuddle on the steps, or on her bed, or on the sofa until she calms down….and then she heads to the playroom for a snack, and to color and practice her letters or do her “homework”. (She is 4-1/2)

  4. Awww…my youngest likes to snuggle too!
    Love that necklace!

  5. Karen says:

    Precious! Snuggle all you can! They become teens who don’t want to snuggle all to soon…

  6. Andrea says:

    Oh great–I read this after I just blew my top because bedtime has taken 75 minutes for my youngest! He’s afraid of his closet, his window (someone is going to come in with a gun????) he’s afraid of his whole room! Grrr–I can only be nice mommy so long–then after the millionth time up the stairs I lost it—this is getting ridiculous! So now i read this about snuggling and I feel like the most loserish mom in the world! I can never win!!!!!! I even went so far to tell him, “There are kids sleeping on dirt floors in this world and your worried about stuffed animals in your closet?” What is wrong with me????

  7. jubilee says:

    Andrea (and Jenny, of course!): I have a snuggle bunny who gets all wacky after having a great day at school being the model student. Usually, when I can remember he needs snuggles, things get better, but not always.

    Bedtime is a nightmare and a series of incidents that make me question all I have learned with my oldest two children. No matter what, I usually end up completely exasperated – with him and myself. Moms can get wacky at times too. It’s human. You are not alone.

    Love the necklace, BTW – Is there a giveaway in the future?! JK (sorta)

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