Blogging Advice From A Friend {Guest Post by Denise in Bloom}

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Dear friends, This is my friend Denise. You may know her as Denise in Bloom. I am tickled and blessed to know her as both.

Denise was my friend before we had the interwebz in common. To be honest, to have a local friend who I can talk the talk with has been SO STINCKIN’ WONDERFUL. If you know what I mean, then you know what I mean. Sometimes we Interwebbzies feel a little out-cast-ish in our local communities. I imagine the feeling is a little like how a mountain man who makes it to town twice a year feels… The locals know he lives on the mountain, but they don’t get it. Some do, but the mountain man talks funny too… But Denise and I have something working in our favor – we don’t have untamed beards. And we brush out teeth daily. Usually. Right, Denise?

And we are not reclusive. We just love our interwebz. And each other.

Aaaanywho. I asked Denise if she would share something maybe design-ery, but left it open. I trust her, and with more than just a blog post. It’s funny… not knowing what she would write – whether home design or otherwise… she basically continued what I shared about us above. In fact, I had a picture of us at the top of this post… turns out she included THE SAME PICTURE.

And her post is another section of the road of our history… as friends and as women entrpreneurs of the interwebz.

Friends, meet my friend Denise…

Blogging Advice From A Friend

When Jenny asked me to guest post here I had to think a while about
what I would share with you. While my online niche is home
, and Jenny probably wanted me to give you some
decorating tips or something? Go figure! I decided to take things a
different direction, and share some blogging advice…via my friend

thecottagechick and jennyonthespot

Let me tell you….

I remember it like it was yesterday. Over six years ago, Jenny and
I had become friends from church, she sat across from me at our home
group and expressed her desire to start writing. Writing stories.
She felt a nudging and yearning to express herself through
the written word.
She wasn’t sure how it would play out, but
the desire was there. She was rather quiet and shy about it.

Jenny had just given birth to her little Lucy and I was awaiting
the birth of my much anticipated twins. Like most creative moms out
there, Jenny was staying home with her three young children
longing to have an outlet for her creativity.

Meanwhile, I started my own online venture when my twins were just
babies. As another stay at home mom, I was desperate and
praying for answers
, I needed a way to make income from home.
I would stay up late at night cranking out content writing and
working hard to build a profitable niche website. It was the answer to my

Simultaneously Jenny On The Spot was born. Jenny
and I would see each other on occasion at social events. We would chat
about how our online ventures were coming along, and have fun talkin’
shop together. A year and half ago I decided to dive into the blog
world as well. Jenny was kind enough to hold my hand through
the process, answer all my questions.
She even had to show me
how to use Twitter!

The rest is history…

For both Jenny and I, blogging has changed our
We have learned from one another along the way.

I have learned way more from her than she from me!

The places we have gone, the opportunities that are opening
up for us, and the chances to follow passions have all come about
because of blogging
! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching
Jenny forge her way into unknown territory and find new adventures
along the way. We have had fun sharing our triumphs and trials with
each other. I wanted to share some of the advice I have learned via

My Best Blogging Advice (Jenny Style)

  • Be yourself and you will sparkle and shine!
  • Follow your passion and the money will follow.
  • The more you write the more you will find to write about.
  • Life is better with coffee.
  • Keep your focus on the goal even when others think you’re crazy.
  • Find a network of friends to learn and grow from.
  • Grab moments and opportunities with your family whenever you can.
  • Run your blog don’t let it run you.
  • Learn from others ahead of you and behind you.
  • Seize opportunities when they come your way but be choosy.
  • Put on your dancing shoes once in a while!
  • Blogging is hard work and rewarding all at the same time
  • Be a friend and stay true to yourself.

Thanks Jenny for all you have taught me and inspired me to
be in this crazy world of blogging!

You can visit Denise’s internet home Denise in Bloom right here! And she is @DeniseLThompson on Twitter!

{photo credit: Angry Julie!}



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