Are you ready for flu season and/or halloween?

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I know a number of you have seen this video already. This is one of my very first VLOGS. Like it isn’t totally obvi… it has “Baby Vlogger” written all over it.

But I feel it is imperative to share now… as we enter flu season. I know the video is on the long side, but I encourage you… watch it all the way through.

You have no idea…

Aaaanywho… This is serious. The flue is serious.

SERIOUS, people.

And one can never be too prepared.

My favorite YouTube comment on this video reads:

The wearing of a surgical mask is not recommended at this time, as they do not protect you 100%. Plus, the masks only seem to cause more alarm to other people, as well as panic for smaller children.

I have no idea what this person is talking about…

swine flu mask

Another great thing about these masks is they are not only functional – they make a great Halloween costume as well! So if you are stumped on ideas and/or low on time this Halloween… throw together a swine flu mask!

swine flu mask

1 surgical mask – .50

8 plastic army guys – stolen from child’s play bin

1 hot glue gun – everybody has those lying around

Swine Flu Mask for Halloween – PRICELESS


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