An opportunity to practice voting.

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I am here to serve.

We are fast-approaching election season, and since I am all about me since I am all about serving my community… And I am all about tradition…

Remember that one thing last year where we changed the world TOGETHER?

Best of Western Washington Parenting Blog 2010

It doesn’t get more legit that that, yo… My own .jpg certif, ya’ll!!!

But that was last year. That was so… so… 2010.

What about 2011?

Of course you could vote for my friends…

  • MamaKat – LOVE. Hur.
  • Wendi – Oh her… I do love her too…
  • Carrie – Carrie. Yeah. Her too. Oh the LOVE!
  • Jenni – Though she’s a LEGIT local celeb, she’s the real thing. We’ve met. Seriously. Good. People. *Call me Jenni!*
  • 24-7 Moms – Trisha and I live so close, but only see each other at conferences in other states! Actually I met Trisha way back in my MOPS days when she was the regional *I am not good with titles * of my area. This woman – also good people.

Oh heck. They are all brilliant and delightful and you should just vote for them. But you only get one vote… so… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

In any case…

I need to find a smaller pond.

So. Aaaanywho… here are some pics of me parenting… With competition friends like that, I need to show you pictures of my own effective parenting in Western Washington…

Busy parenting my daughter

Oh… nevermind.

If I have swayed you to my dark side… my link is here. Not that I’m asking. I would never… I am just helping you in case you really want to. I am all about you.

All about you being all about me.


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