15 Creative Upcycled Egg Carton Ideas!

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Artsy Craftsy

Have you’ve been going through a lot of eggs lately?

15 Creative Upcycled Egg Carton Ideas

15 Creative Upcycled Egg Carton Ideas at jennyonthespot.com #easter #upcycle #eggcartons #creative #crafting

It IS that time of year. There are so many egg coloring (and decorating) ideas yet there is sooooo LITTLE TIME!

Suuuuure… you can recycle all those egg cartons, or can give them to your local chicken farmer friend, or maybe check out some of this egg carton inspiration!


I bet you never thought you could make the CHARMINGEST (Yes, that’s a word. A word I just made up.) cherry blossom branches made from upcycled egg cartons!

Speaking of flowers… do you even know HOW MANY KINDS OF FLOWERS you can make from an upcycled egg carton or two? Here just a handful of the many I have discovered in my internet searchings…

Pretty cute, right? How about these sweet tulips???

How about daffodils? Who doesn’t love daffodils???

Oh heck… how about a whole bouquet?!

Garlands are pretty popular… one can even make a flower garland or wall hanging out of upcycled egg cartons!

How about these cutie-patooties??

And don’t forget about the roses!


Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Check out THESE chicken and hen themed upcycled egg carton ideas!

(Aside: speaking of chicks have you seen THIS video featuring my Vodka infused peeps, or THIS VIDEO DIY on creating the perfect Peeps necklace?)

Ok guys…. how about these cute little chicks? Not only are they cute but they are functional too!

Other Egg Carton Fun…

If you have littles in da house… these bugs sure are fun and cute!

upcycled egg carton bugs via Gingersnap Crafts
via Gingersnap Crafts

Fairy houses anyone?

This is sure a fun way to display those cute, decorated eggs you worked so hard on!

Image found here

This next one involves a mix of carton and shells… perhaps offering a fun little twist on the fairy garden???

And saving the best for last… my favorite idea of them all – Egg Carton Succulents!

Looking for more fun ideas for spring or Easter? I have a few more Peeps projects up my sleeves here, or check out my Easter-themed Pinterest board for a bunch of ideas I think are awesome but will never have time to do. Unless cloning becomes an actually thing. Then just maybe.

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