How To: Marshmallow Vodka Infused Peeps

I kinda went a little crazy with the Peeps.

 Marshmallow Vodka Infused Peeps

Did you see the Peeps necklace video?

I bought so many Peeps.

Really, I could have purchased FAR more than I did. In case you haven’t paid attention lately… but the selection of Peeps is OFF THE HOOK.

I didn’t plan to buy so many, but I am sucker for color. And these colors are just the very funnest, don’t you agree?

a bowl full of Peeps

Nothing says happy like a bowlful of peeps. 

Heck you don’t even have to do anything. Just put a huge bowl of Peeps out and no one has a thing to complain about.

Anywho… I got a little crazy.

Maybe it was all the sugar, but… I made a Peeps necklace, then a few Peeps crafts, and then Lucy and I even made edible Peep playdough.


So this coming Easter, not only can you wear a beautiful Peep necklace…

Peeps necklace

You can also arrive to Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner bearing gifts!


For the adults, of course.

Bring some of that Peeps play dough for the kids.

Marshmallow Vodka Infused Peeps.

Vodka Infused Peeps (marshmallow vodka)


Have you ever made vodka infused gummy bears? This is just a twist on that.

I think it’s a little messier in the consumption, but judging by the video… it’s a bit more fun too.

I think it was hilarious that the eyes came off of the Peeps. You soak in vodka for three days and see what happens to YOUR eyes, right?


*Originally crafted March 2015*

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