DIY: 3 Easy Things To Make With Peeps!

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Shout out to all my Peeps lovers out there!

DIY: 3 Easy Things To Make With Peeps!

Creative fun with Peeps #peeps #foodcraft #Easter
Have you ever considered Peeps to be a craft item? WELL MAYBE YOU WILL NOW!

*wink wink*

Does it make you crazy when people type in all caps?


You know what else can make people crazy… marshmallows coated in sugar.


Of course you will need a few things in addition to Peeps for this crafting fun… you’ll need wooden skewers and straws.

And maybe bring along a sense of humor and a dose of your own creativity. These crafts are just the base of some really great Peeps crafting potential…


I mean… these crafts are not going to win any awards for fine decor or anything but…


I mean if baby bangs are a legit thing, then maybe Peeps crafting isn’t as “out there” as one might think.

So…. if your table or living space is feeling bare…

Peeps bouquet as a centerpiece #peeps #spring #easter #partyfun

If your counter needs a pop of color…

Peeps display #peeps #foodcraft #Easter

Or your drinking straws could use a little pizzaz…

Peeps on a straw #peeps #foodcraft #Easter

Or just your drink could use a little garnish…

Garnish a drink with Peeps #peeps #foodcraft #Easter

Or maybe you are tired of the typical shish-kabob situation…

Peeps on a stick #peeps #foodcraft #Easter

Then I have one word: PEEPS

Martha Stewart may not ask to feature your work in her magazine, but have you ever bought her plates? The further away from HER endorsement you can be – the better.

In short: DON’T BUY HER DINNERWARE. Paper plates last longer.

If I had time I could write a blog post on the quality (or lack thereof) of her product line: “How I Spent Good Money On Martha Stewart Plates That One Time and My Ikea Plates Lasted Longer Than Hers Did and Don’t Buy Martha Stewart Plates Unless You Like Spending Your Hard Earned Dollars on Crap That Claims To Be Better That Even You, An Actual Human Being.”

*awkward pause*

As I said… that’s another blog post and clearly I am still bitter.

But you know what ISN’T bitter?


And they’re versatile… Peeps Play Dough, Peeps Necklace, and my personal fave – Vodka Infused Peeps…. WHO KNEW?!

Oh, and there’s this new thing called Peeps on a Perch, which is basically ridiculous. But then again, baby bangs are an actual thing, so…

Since you might be decorating eggs this season, here are some fun ideas for creatively using all those egg cartons!

Three cute and easy crafts to create from Peeps #peeps #spring #easter #partyfun

Creative party fun with peeps #peeps #foodcraft #Easter

*Originally shared March 2015. Updated March 2019

3 Easy, Fun Peeps Crafts
3 Easy Things To Make With Peeps!

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