11 Ideas for an Easy Strawberry Shortcake Party

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As I age, my standards get lower and lower and lower. Kind of like my… whatever…

{11 Ideas for an Easy Strawberry Shortcake Party}

My first child’s first birthday party had 2 character cakes (Bob & Larry of VeggieTales), goody bags, a BBQ with homemade salads, hand chopped produce, homemade side dishes, and hand made invitations as well as thank you cards… and like, 50 people.

Then there was his 8th birthday party – the one that was 4 months AFTER his birthday.

I’m thinking moderation is key. Joel’s first birthday was one extreme, his 8th was another. Funny how these events reflect the state of My mind… uber mania vs. uber guilt.

By the time Lucy turned 3, our family was working on birthday party #16. Not to mention Tooth Fairy demands, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter baskets, and Saturday morning donut runs. I am a tired woman. I am a distracted woman.

I needed shortcuts for the upcoming Strawberry Shortcake party that I would be throwing NOT 4 months after Lucy’s 3rd birthday. I recognized some expectations needed to be reset. I am learning I spend so much energy preparing for parties, I have nothing left FOR the parties… I just want to party with the party people.

I’d like to share my secrets to a big, fun party with you. I share these to prove shortcuts can still rock a party, and that the Mommy is more fun at a party that doesn’t tap a line into her jugular. Remember these words: LET IT GO…

#1. Let the party girl (or boy) wear whatever the heck he/she chooses. I had a wonderful pink-strawberry-shorcake-party-theme-appropriate dress picked. She wanted to wear her sister’s baton costume… Let. It. Go.

#2. Just because you CAN bake, does not mean you MUST bake! I bought the shortcakes at Costco. I should marry Costco for all the love we share… Let. It. Go.

#3. Whip it. Whip it good. Just because you CAN whip it, doesn’t mean someone didn’t already do it FOR you! Let . It. Go.


You know Martha has people do her prep work.

Let . It. Go.

#4. Sorry. You just need to cut these yourself. Trust me, THIS is one area you don’t want to employ “measures of simplicity”. Some things just deserve special attention.


#5. Stack store bought items on something pretty.

#6. Don’t chop all the pretty berries – consider them “natural bling” for your par-tay!

#7. Put drinks where anyone can get to them. Everyone at my party all had their limbs, so they didn’t need me to serve them. 


#8. Save space. Stack cake plates… and remember you don’t have to put cakes on them – go a little crazy and… Let. it. Go.

#9. Use plastic (ware), and put it in a handy container. Mason jars also work great as plastic utensil catchers. Let. it. Go.

#10. Party favors. Waste of money. The toys break in moments. The candy… a nightmare. I found that bubbles handed out AT the party was a hit, and the big stack of bubble bottles was quite impressive. Let. Go. Of. Goody. Bags.

I’m still working on letting go of that one.

#11 The school party…

Bought it. The kids loved it. My kitchen never felt a thing.


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