Blogger to Vlogger: YouTube Success Checklist

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One week ago I was in Houston… hanging out with folks I adore as friends and regard as brilliant professionals. I was at the Blog Elevated Conference!

It was an outstanding conference. I know a conference is good when I leave with a list longer than something that is really long… of things I can do to be better at what I do here in this online space. I left so filled up with great tips and ideas and action items. I attend my fair share of conferences, and sometimes a girl thinks she knows everything.

Before I show off my handful of photos, I’ll give you the content I shared in my Blogger to Vlogger: Making Sense of YouTube session. The slide deck is really an out line of more in-depth content, but here it is for your review. I am also attaching my YouTube Success checklist. It is not at-all complete, but I feel is a great overview for getting started and/or getting serious about growing your YouTube channel.

(Trouble viewing? Click here to see it on SlideShare. P.S. PROPS to my RAD husband for making my slide deck pretty!)

YouTube Success Checklist via @jennyonthespot

You can view and download the YouTube Success PDF here.

Now for the people part…

I love it when a conference weekend if full of lightbulb moments.

And good people.


(Left to right: Rachel – A Southern Fairytale, Laura – Momables and Super Glue Mom, Karen – Chookooloonks, & Monica – Bravo for Paleo)


From speaking, to silly pictures with my roomie, Rachel, to more silliness, to more silliness in my session – the folks in my session happily obliged when I requested a selfie with everyone in it!


Parmesan truffle fries, sweet moments with Sprittibee, a blurry pic with my roomie and that Holly of Kids Activities Blog who I. ADORE… and the cool/kinda scary hallway to my room at Hotel Sorella.


And you can’t forget about the Awkward Blogger photo with Rachel, the hilarious Fred of Mocha Dad, & Christine of From Dates to Diapers… who I just think is one of the most lovely women God ever made…

I realized I did not actually take all that many pictures. I find I get so busy talking I forget to take pictures! Or just choose not to because… HOW OFTEN DO I GET TO SEE THESE FACES FACE TO FACE, RIGHT?! I could go on and on about the people here, and so many truly wonderful, engaging, smart and funny new people I met, and *old* friends.

I am truly blessed to be growing a career in this community of people. They are generous with their wisdom. Generous with their encouragement. Generous with their love.  Thank you to Bobbie and Lisa and your team for working so hard to bring this community together and crafting such a wonderful learning and connecting event. I can’t wait for next year, Blog Elevated 2014 FTW!

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