You Like Handy-Dandy? Meet My Friend… The Lay-n-Go!

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Do you? Do you like handy-dandy things? Things that make life easier? Then meet my friend, the Lay-n-Go:

Lay-n-Go Cosmo bag
A few (or 10) months ago I received one of a Lay-n-Go Cosmo bag… for my make-up. And a Lay-n-Go Lite that my daughter uses for her Polly Pockets, or whatever treasures she decides to stash in hers.

Lay-n-Go Lite via Lay-n-Go

(Not my child. This is a photo I grabbed from the Lay-n-Go site)

Sometimes she keeps her allowance in there.

But I am not here to judge my daughter’s choices.

The creative shall inherit the earth, right?


I received my Lay-n-Go at the PERFECT time. It was right before the biggest traveling season OF MY LIFE. My make-up pretty much lived in my Lay-n-Go from February to November this year.

But even during this less hectic travel time, I use my bag often! Be it when I need to throw my make-up in something for when I need to put it on in the car (not when driving, to be clear), or more often… on the ferry. You see, the ferry trip is 35 minutes, so if I am in a rush, I just pack my make-up and take that time to “put my face on”.

I love the bag because it is just SO. DARN. HANDY! I just lay that bad boy out in my mad rush to get out the door and toss what I need, cinch, and off I go… This is how it works:

  1. Lay out your bag.
  2. Throw your stuff ON the bag.
  3. Cinch bag.
  4. GO.

Lay-n-Go Cosmo
Lay. And. GO.


And when you need your stuff, just open your bag and go to town. Everything is at your easiest reach. You don’t need to dig in a big, pull stuff out, and find a surface to work with. The Lay-n-Go is all of that. I truly love it.

Aaaaand it’s washable! Which, it looks like I need to tend to that soon 😉

If you are jonesin’ for a bag of your own… OR UM HINT: CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! … Follow this link to the Lay-n-Go store. There are HUGE bags too… great for laying out a pile of Legos and cinching up the mess when done. Seriously.

Right now (through Dec. 15th) they are having a sweepstakes on Facebook… One entrant will receive: one (1) Large Blue Lay-n-Go, (1) LITE Blue Lay-n-Go (1) Black Lay-n-Go COMSO, a gift card to Sephora and a “surprise” set of tiny toy pieces – think LEGO! Total Retail Value: over $200.00. Visit this link to their Fcabeook page to find out how you can enter.

*Disclosure: I received 2 bags for review purposes. Opinion and positive experience with this product are mine.


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