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I had to tie my fingers together so as not to title this post A VERY SPECIAL JOTS CHRISTMAS RECAP AND WHATHAVEYOU.

But I didn’t want my friend Tarrant to have to scratch her eyeballs out.

*My gift to you, Tarrant*

And as much as I am trying not to add to the one bajillion blog Christmas recap posts… I’m gonna.

So, Tarrant… guess this is not so much a gift. Eh. Well. I tried.


On Christmas vacation I…

Kissing Peppermint Bark

…kissed a tin of Peppermint Bark. I dare you not kiss the tin of Peppermint Bark when she arrives so unassuming upon one’s own porch steps. Thanks you Mom It Forward! I LOVE kissing… and also peppermint bark.

In which I salute The Nap

I gave a hearty salute to The Nap. And I took one. I just went all up on the cozy chair at my MIL’s while she slaved in the kitchen. I fell under no harsh judgement. No. In fact, mid-nap my mother-in-LOVE laid yon soft blankie upon mine lap hitherandthushence elongating said nap another minute-twenty.


And I am suddenly typing in poor Old World English.

Yellow tights and slippers

When I took aforementioned nap, I was wearing yellow/mustard/jaundice-esque tights and a pair of slippers. I do adore me some colored tights. I posted this picture on Flickr and was reminded there are some veeeeery creepy menfolk out there who have a thing for slippers/tights/feet.


Santa or reindeer slippers?

My husband and I were given matching pairs of slippers by the SIL and her Hubs. They love us so much. CLEARLY.

Fuzzt bwalls

I could’t resist taking a picture of a fuzzy bwall (yes, bWall) hanging on my sister-in-law’s tree.

Yeah… I bet you would too! I love that she hangs fuzzy bwalls on her Christmas tree. LOVE.

wrapping presents

I laid on the floor after a good round of wrapping presents. I took a picture of them while I was there. Laying on the ground and whathaveyou…

It is entirely possible I got curling ribbon arm. There should be a warning on curling ribbon.

Friends… my arm is JACKED. UP! Some people throw an arm out arm wresting or cage fighting or playing tennis. Me? Curling ribbon.

That’s right.

Treats for Santa

It seems Santa wasn’t all that impressed with our peanut butter bars.


a nap on the couch

Oh look! Another nap! My wee-little Lucy climbed on the couch with me where we CRASHED in the light of the Christmas tree and a traditional playing of the movie Home Alone.

We TOTALLY crashed out and it was AWESOME. Not many years left of those kinds of snuggles… *sigh*…

And my son. He finally received a MUCH coveted phone, and we have now entered a new season of the mother-son relationship:

texts between my son and me


And yes. He texted “Your mom”. Funny thing about us… we think it is pretty funny to say “Your mom”. We think it is especially funny when I say it to THEM. The kids. Because… well.

Get it?

Oh, I guess you had to be there.

So… did you take a nap or two? Take any pictured of fuzzy balls?


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