Yes on 522 because I Want to Know.

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If you live in Washington state, you have heard of I-522. I’m certain of it.

I typically don’t get at all political over here on le blog, but “some exception apply”.

An exception is a case when there a chance for me to know what I will be feeding my family vs. NOT knowing what I will be feeding my family.

SOme perspective: I am not all organic (though if I could afford it, I would). We have sugar cereal. Most cakes I make are from boxes. But when I buy these things, I know there is added sugar. I know that the peanut butter my son prefers has hydrogenated oil in it.

I like knowing whether I am compromising or not. I’d like to know IF I am compromising. The passage of I-522 will give me tools (read: information) I need when I am making food choices for my family… like whether I will choose food that is genetically engineered or not.

What it comes down to for me is knowing. As the mom and main food decider for my family – I feel I have the right to know. And we all have the right to know. As with all initiatives, good points are made on either side. Perhaps some tall tales as well. I’m not going get into all that. I just know that come November 5th, I will be choosing Yes on 522.


From the people at I-522…

This November, Washington voters will be given a choice to vote for transparency in their foods. Initiative 522 would label genetically engineered foods in the grocery stores. Just like we label artificial and natural flavors, just like we label farm-raised and wild salmon, and just like we label sodium or fat content, we also would label genetically engineered ingredients.

Initiative 522 was brought to the ballot by over 350,000 Washingtonians and has broad support from farmers, businesses, families, and shoppers across the state. Washingtonians believe in their right to know what’s in their food. Currently, only people who have access to organic foods have the ability to know what’s in their food, but Washingtonians who can’t afford to buy organic or whose grocery stores have limited options don’t have that information. We believe that all shoppers, no matter their income or zip code, have the right to know what’s in their food.

A few large junk food and chemical companies are opposing our right to know. They have put in millions of dollars to fight transparency and protect their bottom lines by spreading misleading and false information. One of their misleading attacks is that some foods won’t be labeled. The truth is that the initiative was written to align with other labeling laws. Our packaged goods at the grocery store have labels, for example, while our restaurant food does not. That would not change. The initiative is simple and common sense.

Thousands of Washingtonians are fighting back by supporting Yes on 522. The truth is clear: Washington shoppers demand the same right to know what’s in their food as the shoppers in 64 other countries that label their foods. It’s that simple. Claim your right to know by voting YES on 522.

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