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I have been playing with a new social sharing platform, Yappem.

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It’s no secret I am a oversharer. I share on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. On Foursquare. On Pinterest… MY BLOG.

So when I was contacted by Yappem to share their new social platform with my people … it was hard to come up with a reason not to. It’d almost be like saying no to butter on your pancakes! I never turn down butter on my pancakes!

I digress.

So, in the name of disclosure… thanks to Yappem for a great sponsored opportunity, and my friends…. please note this is a paid partnership but all opinion about my experience using Yappem is my own.

Now. let me tell you about Yappem and why I think it’s pretty rad. Using Yappem on one’s phone, users share their experiences with products, brands, or places. The user earns coins/rewards for sharing. Those rewards represent dollars… dollars that are redeemable for gift cards to the users favorite brands and stores.

I can share until I’m blue in the face numb in my fingertips with other social sharing sites, but this is the only one where one’s sharing will EARN the monies. From Zappos to Amazon, to Gap, to BEYOND. The gift card choices are BOUNTIFUL.

Related: I think I am ready to do commercials and major motion pictures now. Casting directors – CALL ME.

Sorry, back to Yappem…

With this social sharing platform, the user (you… or me… or Uncle Chad) creatively posts their own brand and product experience, good or bad, and earn virtual Yappem Coins. The posting category options are:

  • Sharing: Share your experience, related to brands, products and people.
  • Suggestion: Offer an idea or advice to a brand or your followers.
  • Support: Ask your followers and the brand community for help.
  • Compare: Compare two products or brands side-by-side to get input.
  • Users  also have the opportunity to accept ‘branded missions’ with pre-specified  Yappem Coin rewards, which are redeemable upon completion of each mission.

In all honesty, it took me a bit to really *get* what I was doing in the first couple times logging on. It’s new… with a few twists… missions vs. posts vs. comparison… But it is actually quite easy and once one spends a handful of minutes here and there sharing and experiencing what others share. I am glad I took the time to dig in because big rewards are on the way! Soon it all starts to click and you see your coins add up and you start browsing Zappos because that’s the gift card you’ve set your sights on and it’s almost Fall and mama would love a new pair of boots that she got for SHARING COOL STUFF and browsing through the recommendations of others.

Here. Let me help you get started. The folks at Yappen have given me three $25 Yappem Reward gift cards to give to three of YOU! Starting now (August 1) to enter simply set-up your own account on Yappem (or in the app store or on Google Play), then come back here and leave your username in the comments. One entry per person, please. Feel free to follow me on Yappem as well (jennyonthespot). No extra entry, just good karma and a follow-back from me! Let’s connect! Let’s share! Contest ends August 8, 2013! Open to those 18 years and older.

. . .

A fun aside… I got to go to a fun party that Yappem threw last week. They gave away two $12,000 shopping sprees at the party. I was not one of the winners.

*kicks dirt*

Winning stuff always makes me feel awkward anyway. Even when I win the repurposed stationary at bridal showers I feel awkward. But as I sit here on my almost 15 year old couch that we have to warn friends about its holding integrity before they sit… I totally think feeling awkward would have been a small burden. However, I really, truly am SO thrilled for the gals who did win! Good people, good people!

Look for Yappem in the app store, on Google Play, on Twitter, and on Facebook

Don’t forget to enter to win one of the THREE the $25 Yappem Rewards gift card up for grabs!

I love you.



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