Writing and Not Publishing

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Life | 1 comment

I spent 1.5 hours on the plane yesterday writing about busy-ness.

This morning, as I went to proof-read and add a photo or two and add links and make sure the Yoast SEO dot was on green… I just just couldn’t wrap it up.

I have handful of posts that are still sitting in draft mode. Countless more that I have deleted from my drafts box.

Writing and not publishing.

It’s in moments like these I realize I need to write. I don’t NEED to publish.

I really do need to write.

It’s like talking to a therapist, but without having to book an appointment. Or pay money.

Through my process yesterday I realized the depth to which I am struggling with the concept of busy-ness.

But writing helps me work through my perceptions… my assumptions… my judgements… my dreams… my expectations.

And when I can put the right words to my thoughts, that is when I feel I find resolve.

I went round and round with words and phrases in that post yesterday trying to define my feelings and convictions about what I was trying to say and in the end… it all just felt empty.


No, unresolved.

So today I write about the post I may or may not publish.

Busy-ness is yet unresolved in my life and I have a hunch it may always be.In the meantime… the tug-of-war continues. I turn to writing to work it out… or to let the voices in my head work it out.And I look to Lucy to remind me of how things really should be. Kids are amazing. I miss childhood.




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