The Word Association Game with Jenny Chiu (VIDEO!)

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There was this one time that 5 vloggers gathered together in a hotel room in San Jose.

What do 5 vloggers do when they gather together in small spaces for more than 2 hours at a time?

They make collab videos.


(Counter clockwise from bottom, Lucrecer, Jenni, MamaKat, Jessi, and me)

You may or may not have seen my video with Jessi. If you need to see it again, or just see it at all, it can be found here. You can see Jessi’s video with me here. You can see Jenni’s video with MamaKat here, and MamaKat’s video with Jessi here. Lucerecer with MamaKat here… and MamaKat with Lucrecer here.

Mine with Lucrecer will be going live tomorrow (Tuesday)… yadda, yadda, we are some busy ladies on and off the YouTube.

Like, whoa. Busy vloggers be busy.

But I digress… today is my interview with Jenni Chiu (Mommy Nanibooboo). We played a little game that many are familiar with… Word Association.

It is not as easy as you think, especially when you are in a hotel room with 5 women who will not stop laughing.

But can you blame us?

And here is Jenni’s video of my associations to HER words… she calls it DEATH by Word Association, because she’s so clever…

I need to start interviewing people via this interview style/method. It is so very revealing…

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