WOOHOO It’s Monday! Happy Halloween!

by | Oct 31, 2016 | The Monday Minute, Video

WOHOO it’s Monday!

It’s also… HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween!

I’m looking forward to the start of a new week, AND the start of a new month. I’ve been pretty persistent at my journaling so my November tracker is all set and I’m looking forward to kicking some tail. 

Well, not TOO much tail… this month is going to be bananas, but when I have my journal all queued up and ready ahead of time I feel much more prepared to take on what is coming… including but not limited to 55+ volunteer hours, a dozen children’s theatre plays over the next 3 weeks, Thanksgiving, a workout plan, and a book I am supposed to be spending time on co-creating.

We shall see. HEY. I have a Monday Minute video for us! Y’all have a great week and let’s not forget to keep our eyes and ears open for ways we can be a blessing to someone else 😉 

*blowing kisses and glitter*

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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