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My photo organization system is a HOT MESS.

I’m not talking photo organization in a *scrapbooking* sort-of way, but in an *I have an iPhone and DSLR and even take pictures of the grass growing* kind-of way. How many pictures of coffee cups sitting on a table or next to my computer does a girl REALLY need?


So the last few weeks I’ve been making hard decisions… what to keep and what to toss in my virtual trash can.

And I’m noticing patterns in my photo-taking.

I will often take pictures with the thought that they will land here, but then Lucy falls in the mud at the bus stop, I hit every red light, my computer decides to cop an attitude, the girls beg to be cuddled, there is a free 30 minutes so I decide to pick-up my son up from school so we can grab some ice cream, my husband suggests we should watch a movie in bed (instead of taking our usual places on the couch while we Facebook and dink away at tasks that keep our hot hands more on our laptops than each other *ahem*)… or the toilet is clogged, or there are no clean towels/undies/everything. Oh, and dinner. My people always seem to want to eat dinner – WHUT?!

In short, I get distracted and time passes and I forget about the pictures I once took to help me share a story.

I call that getting eaten by the life monster.

As I’ve been organizing, I pulled a few of these *important* pics aside. To share.

Pictures of moments. Just life happening. Funny things. Sweet things.

Meaty things…

Like this picture. Of breakfast meat way back in June of last year…

Ham and sausage
Clearly, we had our serious Breakfast Pants on that morning.

And there’s this one… one of my top mothering moments:

Bad mom
Yep. That’s a hair tie holding Lucy’s shoe together. She’s a problem solver, she is.

There are sweet moments too… Like this summer, visiting the spot at college where my husband and I first kissed:

where we first kissed
I may have already shared that. But it’s worth a second go-round.

Or the picture where I got to spend time with my mom and dad and kid brother and taller, but younger sis…

my family
My sister HATES it when I share her picture. Ask forgiveness, not permission… RIGHT?!

I still don’t know why I took a picture of this shirt but didn’t BUY IT!

I was not thinking clearly. That shirt wins.

And there’s this picture of my friend Liza Hippler and me. At BlogHer in NYC last summer.

It's Liza!
Yep. That picture probably says a thousand more words to me than it does you, but even still…

Liza emceed the karaoke party at Blissdom last year. This year my friend Lu and I have been asked to take the baton of karaoke emcee-ness, as that Liza is great with child.

I did not just call Liza fat. Pinky swear.

I hope I do you proud at Blissdom, Liza. WHUUUUT?

*wipes tear*

Then there’s the picture of this birthday card some kid gave to my nephew:

This kills me every time I see it.

Poor Will Luke.

And finally me. I was testing the timer feature on my camera. Doesn’t everyone test the timer on their camera like a ninja/photo bomber?

photo bomb?

It’s what I do.


There’s that. And that. And that.


I’ll let you go do something productive now. PEACE!


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