Wine. Because, HELLOOOO… WINE!

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Where there are no words… there are pictures.

My words seem to be stuck between… uh… two places that have them stuck.


A few pictures from that one time (a day or two ago) when I popped by a winery in Cali North. *flashing gang sign*

TestaRossa Winery

All work/travel and no play/visits to wineries would make for a BORING blog. Right?

wine bottle & cork

This was not boring…

wine glass

And those did not remain empty.

Or did they???…

I suppose it would depend on one’s rate of consumption.

TestaRossa Winery Tasting Room

Old walls. What is it about OLD things.

Makes me feel not so bad about turning an age I am not going to state right here. I will say this, I may be crossing over from “retro” to “classic”.

They still sell Oil of Olay, right? That’s a classic, ehh?


It rained(ish) the whole time I was in Cali North. Being from the PNDub (PNW, Pacific NorthWET)… when I travel to somewhere and it rains… people seem to think I bring the rain with me.

Which, I feel, is a hasty generalization. But if they want to think I have power over the weather… then all I can say is, “Just call me Mutha Earth, yo.”

So, when it rains (or snows) (or sunshines)…. do people blame you? Or… if  you drink wine… what is your favorite? Label, kind… lay it on me! I’m always looking for a winner.

P.S. I am not a fan of Chardonnay. Not that you can’t be. It’s all good…


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